6 of the Best Coffee Shops In Miami

6 of the Best Coffee Shops In Miami

Miami is not only known for its nightlife, art Deco, tourism spots, events and beaches. It is also known for serving the best coffee. But we’re not talking about Starbucks or any of those common and mainstream coffee shops everyone goes to. We’re talking out little treasures found within Miami especially for those who are bibliophiles, intellectuals, hipsters and comic book enthusiasts. So if you’re looking for great coffee or simply a place to hang out and pass the time in Miami, here are our recommended best coffee shops in Miami to go to.

1. Bookstore In The Grove

Located at Mary St. Coconut Grove, this bookstore is more than just a bibliophile heaven. In fact, they have great food and ambience to go along. Locals like Atena Komar even attest that their hot Panini is best and the brownies are simply to die for. Their chocolate mint coffee is also one of things you should definitely try out. Also, if you stick around more, they also are host to several community events, author signing and book club that might perk your interest.

2. Panther Coffee


What if you’re a cappuccino person? Then you should head over to Panther Coffee. One even claims that their cappuccino even best the Cuban cortadito and that is something to look out for. Owned by husband and wife Joel and Leticia Pollock, they serve only the best specialty coffee specially roasted in small batches to bring out the best flavor. This coffee shop can be found in three locations: NW 2nd Avenue in Wynwood, Sunset Harbor in Miami Beach and recently, a location in Coconout Grove opened up.

3. Crumb On Parchment

Located at the Melin Building of Miami’s Design District, don’t be fooled by its bookworm-ish named.

This café serves not only excellent cappuccinos but an array of food highly recommended by critics such as fresh from the over peaches n’ cream muffins, bacon and maple doughnuts and grilled salmon baguette served with curry may, arugula and red onions.

You can only expect the best from its chef, James Beard awardee Michelle Bernstein. Furthermore, its country, shabby chic interior décor will simply bring the term rustic to a whole new level.

4. Nespresso Café

Next on our list is the quirky Nespresso Café in Lincoln Mall Road. At first glance it looks like an extremely high end coffee shop that you probably can’t afford complete with the celebrity-promoted espresso machines.

But this colorful futuristic café serves a limited menu alongside a variety of caffeinated drinks to choose from. Spicy, floral, woody… you name it.

5. Pasion del Cielo Coffee

How about when you’re craving for Starbucks but don’t want to go to Starbucks? Then Pasion del Cielo Coffee might be the café for you. Their specialty is customized drinks, highly customized drinks.

You can choose from beans such as Colombia, Cuban or Brazil and many others making your drink worth the selection process.

6. Café Demetrio

This family-owned café is highly raved upon from their service to the drinks that they serve. Their cappuccino even has foam art to go with it. In terms of food, their quiches are simply a must-have.