Accidental Rental Damage Insurance

Accidental Rental Damage Insurance and what does it do or cover ? Well most policies are specific time and place sensitive and they can be issued by many providers, I have simply taken a sample of a policy that outlines the wording of a typical accidental rental damage insurance policy so you may get familiarize with its wording.


“Coverage” means any other fund or insurance policy (except the policy under which this coverage is provided) and any fund or insurance policy providing the Rental Property with coverage for any claims, causes of action or rights the Insured or such other person may have against the Rental Property.



“Insured” means a person who: (a) is a registered guest at a Rental Property; (b) completes any required enrollment form for Accidental Rental Damage Insurance coverage; and (c) for whom premium has been paid by check-in at the Rental Property.

The Accidental Rental Damage Insurance has certain conditions. Benefits will not be provided for any loss or damage due to:
(a) Natural Disaster;


(b) intentional acts of an Insured Person;
(c) gross negligence, willful and wanton conduct

Accidental Rental
Damage Insurance……………………………………….up to $1,500

by an Insured Person;
(d) any cause, if the Insured does not report the

“Insured Person” means the Insured and all persons booked to share the same unit of accommodations at the Rental Property. “Natural Disaster” means a flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, avalanche, landslide, volcanic eruption, or fire that is due to natural causes.

loss or damage to the staff of the Rental

Property by the Termination Date;
(e) normal wear and tear of the Rental Property

Blanket Travel Accident Insurance

(f) loss of use of the Rental Property unit;
(g) theft or damage to any property owned by or

This document describes the benefits and basic provisions of the policy. The Insured should read it with care so he/she will understand the coverage. The policy is the only contract under which benefits are paid.

brought by an Insured Person onto the Rental

“Rental Property” means a property owned and/or managed by the Rental Agency.
“Stay” means the duration of time from the date the Insured checks-in at the Rental Property to the date the Insured checks-out of the Rental Property.

Property premises;
(h)theft or damage caused by anyone visiting


other than an Insured Person;
(i) theft without a valid police report;
(j) damage without a valid police report unless the

Insurance Coverage

“Third Party(ies)” means any person, corporation or other entity (except the Insured, Rental Property and the Insurer).

damage is caused by an Insured Person;
(k) Damage or theft in a Rental Property unit if the number of persons occupying the unit exceeds

that unit’s occupancy limit.


Coverage is valid only if plan cost
has been paid prior to occupancy of the Rental Property.

Effective Dates: The Accidental Rental Damage Insurance coverage will take effect on the date and time the Insured checks-in as a registered guest at the Rental Property, provided the appropriate premium has been paid by check-in. Termination Dates: The Accidental Rental Damage Insurance coverage will end on the earlier of: (1) the normal check-out time on the Insured’s scheduled check-out date from the Rental Property; or (2) the actual date of departure of the Insured from the Rental Property.

In the event of a claim,
please refer to the above Product Number.


The Insurer will not pay or be responsible, without its written consent, for any fees or costs associated with the pursuit of a claim, cause of action or right by or on behalf of an Insured or such other person against any Third Party or Coverage.


Dispute Resolution – All suits, actions or legal proceedings seeking determination of the rights and liabilities of the parties under this coverage shall be submitted to binding arbitration in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. A written demand for arbitration hereunder must be made by the Rental Property and served on the Insurer on or before three years from the date of the Loss or be barred. No demand for arbitration can be brought to recover benefits unless 60 days have elapsed following written submission to the Insurer of the proof of loss information required.


 The Dispute Resolution provision of the Accidental Rental Damage Insurance Benefit and the Disagreement Over Size of Loss provision of the Additional Claims procedures section are deleted in their entirety.

As a condition to receiving Accidental Rental Damage Insurance benefits, the Insured (or, if he or she is deceased, an authorized representative of the Insured) Rental Property or the person to whom payment was made, agrees, except as may be limited or prohibited by applicable law: