When Miami Gets a Fusion of Taste and Budget

Miami Cuisine

Miami is a city laden with restaurants that are actually wallet-friendly for some locals and tourists who are on a tight budget. Plates from $3 dollars are definitely the best bargain in town. From seafood to Latin American cafes, as well as Caribbean, Asian and even Canadian joint, Miami is definitely a fusion of gostoso […]


Things to do in Dadeland Miami

Things to do in Dadeland Miami Development of the Dadeland area began in the 1960s as post World War II Miami stretched in a new sense of economic prosperity. The region was stretching its former boundaries to accommodate those who had been attracted by the many beautiful and interesting aspects of the area. That busy […]


Miami Business Center of the World

Miami Business Center of the World If you’ve business to conduct in Miami, chances are, you’ll be seeing a great deal of the Brickell neighborhood. This is the city’s chief financial district and, not only is it one of the largest in the United States, it’s also a densely packed residential center. Here, you’ll feel the vitality […]