Best Cuban Sandwiches in Miami

Best Cuban Sandwiches in Miami

Everyone in Miami loves Cuban sandwiches, right?

Maybe the first thing that comes up in your mind when you think of Miami is the beach. But you can’t just take a dip and catch some waves all the time, although we know you’d love to. It may be fun, but something is still missing. You’re missing some delicious Latin food. You may not know this, but you’re about to eat your next favorite thing in Miami: a Cuban sandwich.

A mouthwatering bite
The ingredients may be simple, but these Cuban sandwich restaurants are serving what the locals need – a toasty and crunchy bread with juicy pork.

So, what are the criterium for the best Cuban sandwich? Whether or not the customer wants to have ham, roasted pork, mustard, or just an ordinary plain sandwich, restaurant owners must ensure the quality of every bite to satisfy everyone’s needs. If you want to have the best of the best, here is the list of where you should drop by and fulfill your hungry self.

1st Stop: Enriqueta

The first thing you’ll notice is the long line at Enriqueta’s. Regular customers know that this restaurant continues to serve made-to-order sandwiches quickly.

Locals know that this is still one of the best Cuban restaurants in town. Start your meal with two delicious croquetas and end it with the Doble, which has two extra pieces of pork in it, making it one of their best sellers.

2nd Stop: Sergio’s Restaurant
If a local Cuban approves of the taste, then it is definitely worth trying. When you talk about Cuban sandwiches, Sergio’s sure has nothing but the best to offer to their customers.

A complete sandwich at Sergio’s includes: pork, ham, mustard, pickles, and melted cheese, making it their customer’s favorite. To top it all, the sandwich is wrapped in aluminum foil to keep all the flavors fresh in every bite.

3rd Stop: Caribe Cafe
After the two restaurants above, Caribe’s is known for its oversized servings and their Cuban sandwich is not an exception. People come hungry in the cafe and leave full and satisfied. Where else can you find a restaurant where one sandwich can feed your whole family? Just in case you are wondering about the price, nothing to worry about since they’re usually a dollar cheaper than the usual rate.

These three Cuban sandwich restaurants in Miami will not make you miss home. And for the locals and tourists, these restaurants will definitely satisfy your hunger.