Coming to Miami for a Cruise? Spend the day before or after in Miami Beach!

Coming to Miami for a Cruise? Spend the day before or after in Miami Beach!

When you want to treat yourself to a relaxing interlude that’s out of the ordinary, a cruise can be just the thing. Miami is the port of departure for many cruises that tour ports of call in the incomparable beauty of the Caribbean. However, as relaxing and rejuvenating as a cruise may be, what isn’t soothing to frazzled nerves or low energy reserves is the travel that often brackets that time in Paradise. The Monte Carlo Miami Beach has just the solution.

Preserve Your Relaxation

With today’s restrictive policies about luggage and toiletries for air travel, the hectic rush to wait in line, and the cramped conditions of modern airlines, is it any wonder you always feel you need a vacation from your vacation? Miami beach furnished rentals can help. When you plan your cruise, allow yourself some time before and after to relax back into life on land. A fully furnished apartment can provide the ideal location for this.

Prepare for Your Journey

Unlike traditional hotel accommodations, furnished rentals provide you with a number of benefits that will help you ease back into your normal routine, while still prolonging that delicious sense of Holiday. Generous ceilings and windows that give onto beautiful views, spacious floor plans that are minimally furnished with the necessary pieces for a quiet retreat, and a kitchen that lets you stock healthy, inexpensive foods for meals on your own schedule are just some of the benefits of renting a fully furnished apartment in Miami Beach.

When you reserve some time in one of our Miami Beach furnished rentals for relaxing prior to departing on your cruise, you give yourself the gift of time. This allows you to think clearly about what you’ll need while on your dream vacation. Why waste time and money stocking up on sunscreen or travel toiletries. Simply buy them inexpensively from a local drugstore in Miami. Or you can plan a stay just after your ship docks in Miami once more. This will allow you to unpack and re-prioritize, put your feet up, and have some more time walking along the beautiful beachfront.

The Monte Carlo Miami Beach wants you to get full value for your cruise vacation. Why sell yourself short by bracketing such a wonderful experience with the stressed travel? By staying either before or after your cruise, you are giving yourself the peace of mind that comes from true leisure.