Corporate Housing Miami

In the travel industry, corporate housing is the term used when renting out a furnished condo, house or apartment to individuals on a temporary basis. Corporate housing Miami offers a lot of these wonderfully furnished spaces whenever you visit the Sunshine State, may it be for business or leisure. Most of short term housing Miami is conveniently located near Miami International Airport – a big plus factor for those who are on the go.

Corporate housing Miami is the place to be, whether you are in the exciting city of Miami for a relaxing vacation with your family for a few days or for a long-term relocation on business purposes. There are a lot of important reasons why Miami corporate housing is the perfect choice instead of staying in an expensive hotel room.


Unlike short term housing Miami, hotels are usually located on congested areas only – a bit of a disadvantage when you are looking for some rest and relaxation.  Short term Miami housing can give you more options as far as your preferred location is concerned. You can find Miami corporate housing near airports and highways, and if total peace is what you need, even inside residential areas.

Living Area

For its living area, a hotel usually only has this one large room for all of its living, sleeping and eating area. Miami corporate housing, on other hand, provides separate living, sleeping and dining areas.

Living Space

When compared to corporate housing miami, hotel rooms only offer an average of 150-270 square feet of living space. Corporate housing Miami has an average space of 720-1000 square foot on its bedroom apartment.

Dining or Kitchen

A hotel’s version of a dining or kitchen area is either represented by just a small fridge or something much smaller, like a microwave. Miami corporate housing proudly has full-sized appliances and decent dining tables and chairs for convenient dining. Short term housing Miami can also compete head-to-head against hotels when it comes to its safety features, upscale buildings, and even free internet access. But when it comes to providing you with comfort and convenience of a home, Miami corporate housing has a whole lot more to offer.