How to dress to impress in Miami

How to dress to impress in Miami

Don’t you just love a little luxury when spending time in Miami? It is the ultimate vacation for most tourists and aside from hitting its long stretch of beaches, most of us also wonder how to look great while hitting the nightlife or even the daytime activities in this wonderful paradise.

So here are some tips that we’re going to dish out for you on how to achieve that luxurious look while spending time in Miami.

1. Make it fresh with some splash of fragrance
No outfit is complete without a luxe fragrance to match. Search for a scent you absolutely love and spray some on your skin especially at major pulse points. Remember to never apply it directly on clothing, as advised by fragrance experts. Heat rises at the beach , so it’s important to apply perfume to points on the lower half of your body in addition to places like your wrists, elbows, and the nape of the neck. For a scent that lasts, especially when you’re hitting a party at the beach and you’re wearing your favorite bikini, apply some scent on your ankles, behind your knees, and between your thighs.

2. The bulkier, the better
To enjoy the beach vibe, wear accessories. Dressing to impress does not necessarily mean that you need to buy expensive accessories. Inexpensive jewelry is the ultimate impulse to buy, and when chosen and styled thoughtfully, it can elevate any outfit. Choose to buy clear crystals rather than plastic gemstones and darker metals over excessively shiny ones. Don’t be afraid to rock something with an ethnic or vintage vibe, especially because you are synchronizing your look with the beach. Jewelry is the ultimate statement and conversation piece when achieving your luxurious look.

3. Perfect Your Beach Make-up
Remember to protect your skin. Before you apply any makeup, slather on a generous coat of sunscreen. Give it at least 20 minutes to soak in because it needs to dry for full effectiveness. In humid weather, anything that is creamy or greasy like foundation or concealer, is going to smudge almost instantly. Prefer to use powder-based products, like light powder. If you need to cover a blemish, use a stiff concealer in that area. Bronze yourself. Any makeup you do wear should enhance your skin’s natural color. Choose a bronzer in a shade that looks like a natural tan, and make sure it doesn’t have any shimmer, which won’t look right in the bright sun. Make your make-up last and avoid touch-ups because the beach is not the place to reapply. If you get sweaty or your makeup feels clumpy, just dab your face with blotting paper.

So these are the top three tips that could come handy when you’re planning a trip to Miami, try them out and see for yourselves!