Events to See in Miami this 2014

Ending the Year with a Bang: Events to See in Miami this 2014

In other states and cities, it’s the start of fall or autumn. In the case of Miami, the fun is just getting started, so try and leave your furnished apartment once in a while. Thanks to its climate, it’s like experiencing summer the whole year round, though it’s starting to get chilly, right? Anyway, don’t let the end of summer dim your festive spirit: there are a lot of events to look forward to this year, even if you only have less than four months left. End the year with a bang: what are some events in Miami that you should go to before the year ends?

The sports teams

Miami is a city rich with a rich sporting tradition, due to them sporting three top tier professional sports teams – soon to be four, due to an expansion team joining the Major League Soccer in the near future. As of today, two of them are in full swing, with the Marlins hoping to somehow make it to the MLB playoffs while the Dolphins got their season off to a rousing start by destroying the New England Patriots, 33-20. Although the NBA season hasn’t started, fans have a lot of changes to look after to, especially with the departure of Lebron James from the Miami Heat.

Regardless if you’re a sports buff or not, seeing these teams play is enough of a reason to leave your furnished apartment and go out to see them play. Reserve your tickets now!

The Miami Broward One Carnival

Rather than stay inside your furnished apartment during October, try attending the Miami Broward One Festival, slated at October 12 at the Sweetwater Area. If you’re picturing a carnival in your mind, don’t think of clowns, elephants and lions jumping inside rings of fire. Instead, think of masquerades, colorful costumes and headdresses worn by beautiful women. This event is comparable to that of Mardi Gras and the festivals in Brazil. This event is participated by 50,000 people on average, featuring over 20 masquerade bands parading six miles within the city.

Aside from the parade there are also numerous events like The Steelbands, Carnival Concert and the Music Truck, featuring vocal talents from the Carribean.

The Colors of Christmas

If you’re thinking of leaving your furnished apartment and asking your loved one on a date two weeks before Christmas, this event is definitely for you. Regardless if you’re a music lover or not, try attending the Colors of Christmas concert slated on December 11, starring the best R & B singers in the country today. The cast includes American Idol winner Ruben Studdard, Taylor Dayne, Jennifer Holiday and Peabo Bryson. What better way to celebrate Christmas?

Overall, Miami is one of the best and most lively cities to be in – you’ll be able to enjoy your stay in your furnished apartment due to the above mentioned events. Remember, watch the games, enjoy the carnival and make yourself available on December 11!