Furnished Rentals in Miami Beach

Furnished Rentals in Miami Beach

Furnished Rentals in Miami BeachMany individuals travel to Miami every year for both business and leisure. While the city offers an array of hotel accommodations, these impersonal and temporary surroundings are less than ideal if your plans require you to stay longer than a few days. As well, if you need space for work, even the loveliest hotel can present rather cramped quarters. If your travel plans take you to this thriving metropolitan area on a regular basis or for extended periods of time, another option is to keep a second residence, which can prove costly. Furnished rentals Miami Beach provide the optimum solution, incorporating the convenience of a residence with the amenities of a hotel.

What Makes It Great for Business?

What are some of the great aspects of taking furnished rentals in Miami Beach? At any of our six city properties, Miami Beach furnished rentals place you within convenient reach of businesses, restaurants, and shopping opportunities. If your business takes you to this area for extended periods or on a regular basis, hotels can not only prove inconvenient bases of operations, but over time can be costly.

Staying in standard hotel accommodations can also place undue stress on you if you need to focus on business matters. Furnished rentals in Miami Beach offer you several advantages over traditional hotels. With both one and two bedroom floor plans available, Miami furnished rentals also cater to your needs with a business center, fitness facilities, coffee service, pool, and complimentary Internet.

An Ideal Retreat

Rather than paying property taxes and shouldering the other expenses of maintaining a second city residence, consider engaging one of our furnished rentals in Miami Beach. Here, you and your guests will have room to live, play, and relax as if you were home. Our tasteful furnishings and fully functional kitchens make settling in a breeze, while you still receive the benefits of a hotel stay. Plus, the amusements of Miami are always nearby.

Furnished rentals Miami Beach make the most sense when it comes to the ancillary expenses of extended visits to the city. Eating every meal in restaurants and sending laundry out to be cleaned can quickly become a large expenditure, as well as a taxing impermanence. When you take a furnished apartment, you’re glossing over the headaches of furnishing and maintaining a second residence. Whether for business or leisure, our Miami furnished rentals bring together the best aspects of hotel stays and home living.