Go to a Drive-In Movie in Miami

Go to a Drive-In Movie in Miami
Going to Miami for vacation is a great choice – there’s lots to do, so you won’t have to worry about getting bored no matter how long you stay. While there’s a lot to do, you should make sure to go to a drive-in movie theater in Miami at least once before you leave.

Great Movies
Because drive-in theaters in Miami like the Blue Starlite usually only show one movie at a time, you know that whatever movie is playing is going to be good. Hairspray the Musical! and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure are just a couple movies playing at the Blue Starlite that are sure to entertain the whole family.

The Old Days
If you have kids or grandchildren, drive-in movies are the perfect way to let your descendants get a little taste of what things used to be like in the “good old days”. Retro is in, so your young ones will have something cool to tell their friends about at school.

Bring Your Own Food
If you’re staying at a furnished apartment, you probably like being able to eat your own food instead of having to rely on the concession stand. Staying at a furnished apartment is a great way to make your vacation easier. At a drive-in theater, you won’t have to worry about sneaking sodas to the theater inside your coat!

Good Sound
Anyone who’s gone to a regular theater knows that having a crying baby in the vicinity can ruin a movie, but with a drive-in theater, you get your own personal speaker for your vehicle. With a private sound system, the only crying babies you’ll have to worry about are your own!

Beautiful Weather
Why sit in a stuffy place indoors when you can roll down your windows or put the top down on your vehicle? Since the movies are played at night, the weather should be perfect because while Miami can get pretty warm during the day, it cools off nicely as the sun goes down.

Double Features
Drive-in theaters often have double features, and if you want to stay for both movies, you can watch the second one for free!

Drive-in movie theaters in Miami are cool and retro, and they’re a great way to add a little character and fun to your Florida vacation.