You Gotta Be a Belieber: Purpose World Tour in Miami

You Gotta Be a Belieber: Purpose World Tour in Miami

American Airlines Arena will be filled with fans- young or old, girl or boy, rich or poor, in other words, people who believe in Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour in Miami. It will be a weekend to remember. Mark your calendars, the first weekend of July, that’s July 2nd and 3rd, where you will be able to witness for yourself an event that everybody is anticipating for.

The Great Announcement
It was in November of 2015 where it was announced in The Ellen Degeneres Show that a world tour for Justin Bieber will be held in 2016. In the first week of November, a total of 58 dates were revealed on the singer’s official website. As a matter of fact, as it was posted, due to the public’s demand, additional shows will be held all over the country. Thus, giving you a total of 64 shows.

American Airlines Arena
As they say, experience has strengthened the arena. Along with the greatest concerts that were once held in this arena, Rihanna recently brought Drake on stage in her latest tour, and they’re just some of the many worldwide artists who have performed here, blowing away the minds of the audience. The place is just perfect for friends and families to enjoy and be entertained. After all, this is what Justin Bieber wanted to share and the American Airlines Arena is perfect for this type of tour.

The arena can hold 20,000 seats. So, you can imagine how the audience will be singing along as Bieber brings on an unforgettable show. Justin will be another name to be deposited to the arena’s big name’s bank. Did you know that Taylor Swift and the Queen, Beyonce have performed in this arena? Yes, they were eager to play to Miami’s greatest music lovers. Truth is, no matter how the audience struggles with the heavy traffic in Downtown Miami and, not to mention, the overpriced drinks, you will be able to get an all-star power only in the arena.

It has been proven
Although there may be a shadow of a doubt for the success of the Purpose Tour, it is no doubt that it will be one of the greatest tours to hit the arena. For example, Andrew Matson from the Rolling Stone magazine gave very positive reviews about the tour, saying that even if he did not have any artists come up to the stage, he sang life, played the piano, the acoustic guitar, and rocked the drums. This is something the audience has to look forward to.

Other than Bieber’s performance, positive reviews have proven Justin’s ability to sing, dance, and even play instruments live. Start reserving a seat for the concert to prove that you have been campaigning. You got to be a Belieber.