Holidays are Coming in Miami

Holidays are Coming in Miami

In a few days from now, your table will be full of delicious food and Christmas centerpieces. This is the season for families to enjoy everyone’s presence, munching on good food served on the table, and most of all valuing the time they are together. And since the holidays are coming, Miami has something in stores for you.

Happy Thanksgiving
You know it’s Thanksgiving when you can smell the fresh-roasted turkey from the oven straight to the table. Not to mention, the creamy gravy poured on the carved turkey. Yes, the holidays are coming. Sure you can spend this season at home, but maybe you don’t want to cook. It may be an experience, but you have to think that at the end of the day you would be dead tired after cooking for everyone.

If this is the case, then restaurants can be an option for you. However, the cost of booking a reservation, and the crowd, may not a good idea for your family to spend the holidays in. Miami has anticipated this occasion and they have prepared Collins Avenue to do all the work for you this Thanksgiving Holiday. Palms Hotel & Spa also has a restaurant, Essensia which offers their unique farm-to-table approach this year.

Come to Miami and you will see for yourself how the restaurant is piled up to make your holiday season memorable. Get ready with the family, as dinner will be served in the house at a reasonable price of $75. You can enjoy the sumptuous glazed carrots, stuffing, and of course, the slow-roasted turkey. If it is not enough, the restaurant also serves buttermilk biscuits, which is a Southern favorite. And what about the sweet potatoes and the bourbon pecan pie? You will definitely be able to grab a bite here.

Santa’s Coming to Santa’s Enchanted Forest.

After Halloween, come Thanksgiving. And after Thanksgiving, come December. And after having a traditional recipe, this month would be something special. Perhaps, listening to the choir and kids caroling is enough to greet Santa as he is coming to town. Santa’s Enchanted Forest in Miami is the largest holiday-themed in the world. As a matter of fact, people never fail to visit and experience to be in the Enchanted Forest. You can enjoy the Ferris Wheel, funhouse, and roller coaster… The park will continue to be open until January 8, 2017, as Santa takes advantage of this. Tickets go for $22.43 for children and $31.78 for adults and here is a special holiday treat for you: if you have children 2 years older and younger, they can get in for free. Just one ticket and all rides are free.

Have a wonderful time this Christmas in Miami and take part in the festivities in South Beach because this holiday season is one that you will remember for the rest of your life.