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Holland American line is a Dutch company that initially started carrying passengers from Holland to America, but 1973 the company decided to become a cruise vacation travel service.

Originally based from Holland later the headquarters moved from Rotterdam to Stamford, Connecticut and after that from Seattle to Washington in 1983.

Even though they are based now in America the company has never had lost their roots and maintained ties with their Dutch heritage. In each fleet since 1890 the names of their fleets end with a suffix “dam”. Each name correlates to the ships position in the world such as: “Oosterdam” is East, “Wsterdam” is West, “Noordam” is North, etc…

Holland America Cruises by Miami Vacations Rentals

Holland America enhanced their fleet in late 2008 offering a better quality services on their ships for more demanding clients from around the world.

On board you will feel a great atmosphere with tasteful decorations in all the ships.

Holland America Cruises by Miami Vacations Rentals and more information

The idea to create restaurants on the seas is a concept which came from this excellent Cruise Line. You have to pay $10 for lunch and $20 for dinner. If you want to have a meal while on these grand cruises I don´t doubt that you will enjoy a delicious dish from an upscale eatery.

There is also an innovative concept from this transatlantic cruise where you can ask for whatever you wish, known as “As you wish” dinner meals.

At night you not only will have a great dinner but you will also have the opportunity to be entertained with many different options like disco-style dancing and cinemas.

Holland America has more than 300 ports offering unique destinations all over the world and plenty of different schedules.

This is a company with a long history and strong culture giving it one of the best cruise line experiences in the world. You should definitely seek the proof and enjoy a once time in life opportunity where you can enjoy this amazing and exciting world experience that nothing can compare to.

More Information:

Call your travel professional or1-877-932-4259

Call Us
1-877-932-4259 or 1-206-286-3900
Monday through Friday
5:00am to 7:00pm (Pacific Time)
Saturday and Sunday
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For Questions About:

    (8 or more cabins)
    Phone: 1-877-932-4259
    Fax: 1-206-298-3059
    (After your cruise and for
    cancelled cruise inquiries)
    Phone: 1-800-599-8256
    (Questions regarding your Mariner status)
    Phone: 1-800-547-9139
    Phone: 1-800-445-3731
    (Gift orders and dining inquiries)
    Phone: 1-800-541-1576
    Fax: 1-800-207-3547
    Phone: 1-888-425-9376 or 206-626-7320
    Business Hours: 1-206-281-3535
    After Hours & Holidays: 1-888-361-8803 or 206-301-5293
    Phone: 1-206-281-3535
    Toll Free: 1-800-637-5029
    Fax: 206-262-5934

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