Hotel Vrs Corporate Apartment

A hotel or corporate apartment?  Well here at Miami Vacations Rentals we get this question all the time and the answer might surprise you. We provide Miami Furnished apartments and Short term accommodations so naturally it would be the right answer to tell everyone that corporate housing is the correct answer but its not always the case.
Here are a few to start with … Do you need?
1.              Daily housekeeping in your apartment
2.              Daily wake up call
3.              Newspaper delivered daily
4.              Breakfast at the complex
5.              Transportation included to the airport
6.              Spa / concierge assistance
7.              Conference Room for a large group
8.              Valet parking
Well if you answer any of the following above you most likely need a hotel. So when should you consider the alternative, a Miami furnished apartment? Do you need?
1.              A kitchen to cook
2.              2 or 3 individual rooms with 2 or more bathrooms
3.              An apartment larger than 700 Square feet of space
4.              A place that no one enters without your permission
5.              Washer and Dryer inside of your apartment
If you answers any of the above as a must then you do need a corporate housing provider to offer you a completely furnished apartment.
With that in mind, the second phase is to see how many amenities do you require that might mimic a hotel setting you desire. If you are a very simple traveler that only needs a bed to sleep and not much more than a small corporate unit will suffice, but if you are looking to have many amenities at your reach you may consider a condo-hotel, where both worlds meet in one location and you can enjoy the space of a furnished apartment and amenities of a hotel, like a daily cleaning option. The most common draw back to a condo-hotel its that the price is usually no very different than a hotel since the cost associated in many of the amenities like valet parking or a pool lifeguard are included whether you utilize them or not and most importantly the condo-hotels are mostly individual owner that have turned their units to the rental program and the a hotel managing company is ultimately responsible to make sure the units are up to par and the furnishing well kept and this can be a challenge
Whether you are considering a hotel, corporate apartment, or condo-hotel make sure you ask as many questions as possible and do have any one tell you that one is better than the other since its only you that can determine what works for you.
Author: franco battistini