How to get rid of Beg Bugs – Article

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How to get rid of Beg Bugs – Article In its April 2010 issue, Mobility magazine recently noted that bed bugs have grown to become an $80 million issue for the hospitality industry. Anyone who has ever had to deal with bed bugs before will tell you that customer service issues become a nightmare, and that it is not as easy as moving the client into a new property.

Bedbugs can go months without feeding, and bedbug eggs, nymphs, and adult bedbugs can easily be brought from one home to the next by a business traveler. Luckily most corporate housing are already equipped with the easiest method to rid yourself of these creatures forever– a clothes dryer. A corporate traveler will need to place all of their clothes, shoes, backpacks, and particularly bedclothes and bath towels , into the clothes dryer and run it on high for 10-15 minutes. Bedbugs cannot survive the heat of the dryer, and this is one of the most effective ways to destroy the bedbugs living on a traveler’s personal belongings. Another idea is to place all of your items into a plastic bag and leave them in a car on a sunny day. As long as the internal temperature reaches 120 degrees for at least two hours, you will be able to kill off the infestation.

The furnished apartments itself will need to be fumigated thoroughly. Oftentimes the owner of a furnished property may even need to go so far as to rid themselves of all upholstered furniture, and of other large items covered in cloth that cannot fit in the dryer. Exposed brick walls will require extra care, as bed bugs can easily hide here. Mattresses will need to be replaced, and new mattresses will need to be enclosed in a plastic lining when the tenant returns, in the event that they have carried the bedbugs back in with them. After fumigation is complete, the owner should vacuum the apartment thoroughly.


How to get rid of Beg Bugs – Article

Bedbugs are an expensive pest to destroy, and a litigious renter may even go so far as to sue the property owner for damages. Property owners should try and document communication with tenants from the beginning in the event that a lawsuit should arise. Blame is difficult to place when it comes to a bedbug infestation in a rental unit, particularly in one that has been used for corporate housing by an earlier corporate tenant. Because international business travel is so common, it is difficult to say when or who brought the bedbug infestation into an apartment.