How to save money with a furnished apartment rental

How to save money with a furnished apartment rental

Living-MerrickThere are thousands of business executives that have to travel internationally on a yearly basis on work trips and many of them will resort to using hotels and motels, thinking that they are their only choice for a comfortable stay. However, they don’t know that furnished apartment rental is one of the best choices they can make for saving money and also improving the comfort of their stay.

On top of that, many companies offer corporate housing or have a loyalty program with specific companies. What you will discover is that the majority of these offers will include buildings with great amenities, including party rooms, outdoor areas, fitness facility, pools and so on.

You will not only save money with furnished rental, but at the same time you’ll get much more. When you’re staying in a hotel, you’re confined to 4 walls, a TV set and a small bathroom that may or may not include a bath tub. However, with furnished rentals, you’re getting a much bigger space and also chairs, a big TV, a kitchen, a laundry machine and everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Because most of the times business partners travel together, they’ll have to share their space. With furnished rentals, you’ll be able to rent 1 or 2 bedroom condos. And be honest about it, wouldn’t you like to live in an apartment with cozy furniture and a relaxed atmosphere?

Just take a few minutes and compare the costs of living in a hotel for a few days and those of living in furnished apartments. You’ll immediately realize that the cost differences are practically immense. You won’t even have to worry about eating out anymore, because you can cook any type of food you want at home.

And you know very well that meeting with a client in a hotel room is certainly going to be bad for business, because the room is small, but furnished apartments are quite big and allow you to relax.