Interior Designs for Business and Pleasure

Interior Designs for Business and Pleasure

Fully furnished apartment rentals have become both a popular and efficient way to cope with the hassles of finding accommodation while travelling. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, a place to stay is one of the top priorities and as much as possible should give you the least hassle. Usually travelers opt to stay in hotels but with the rise of fully furnished apartments giving a more affordable and spacious option regardless of the period of stay, it’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular.

For those travel enthusiasts planning to go to Miami, Florida; Miami Vacations Rentals offers fully furnished apartments with living rooms, 1-2 bedrooms, bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens, workspace and best of all it is fully furnished and decorated to accommodate function and aesthetics. They also provide amenities such as wireless internet access, cable television, telephones, coffee services, business centers, security desks, and spa and fitness facilities. It’s like having a luxury hotel suite, office, and home in one! Miami Vacations Rentals are also strategically located near shopping districts, restaurants, beaches, etc. thus access to wherever you want to go is just a short trip.

What makes these apartments unique apart from the convenience is the overall interior design of the furnishings and decorations. The designers and contractors have really given extra attention to detail when it came to the construction of each apartment. With a variety of furniture, décor, and colors, they mixed and matched to procure the best possible combinations to suit the tastes of a variety of travelers. Whether it is sophisticated and elegant or fun and artsy, they got it down.

Every Miami Vacations Rentals apartment comes with the following furnishing:
– Star Bedding Supreme comes with two king-sized pillows, a lush duvet set, high thread-count quality sheets, a quilted blanket, and a padded mattress topper.
– Clock radio
– Telephone
– Television with DVD player in both the living and bedroom
– Cleaning kit
– Iron with ironing board
– Laundry basket
– Bath towels
– Bath kit with soaps and shampoos
– Hair dryer

Fully equipped kitchens include:

– Four 6-piece settings of dishes
– Eight beverage glasses
– Four 6-piece settings of flatware
– Four wine glasses
– Toaster
– Casserole dish
– Coffee maker
– Manual can opener
– Two-quart baking dish
– Corkscrew
– Ceramic utensil holder
– Three serving/mixing bowls
– Eight piece cookware set
– Knife block
– Three storage containers
– Measuring cup
– Pasta fork
– Colander
– Four measuring spoons
– Potato peeler
– Two dish towels
– Cutlery tray
– Paper towel holder with paper towels
– Sponge
– Butter dish
– Grater
– Juice pitcher
– Cookie sheet
– Placemats
– Salt and pepper shakers
– Cutting board
– Serving fork
– Two serving spoons
– Tongs
– Wire whisk
– Two spatulas
– Grater
– Wastebasket

With this very complete set of furnishings and the beautiful decorations, one can’t help but find the place to cater to every need whether it’s a business meeting or a gathering of friends. Experience convenience in the sunshine state with Miami Vacation Rentals!