Marathons & Triathlons in Miami

Marathons & Triathlons in Miami

We get a large crowd of sports enthusiasts, especially marathon runners. Miami has a great scene of sports events. Most of them rather stay at a furnished apartment since they have the opportunity to wash all their training cloths in the comfort of their apartment. It is as if they were at their own home. Thinks about that when you plan your next trip to Miami. We offer short term apartment rentals.

When you think about it, you’ll find it a bit difficult to gulp the fact that triathlons are so old. To offer a definition, they are basically contests where the fittest and those who have the best skills for taking up a physical challenge, participate to eventually see who the best of the best is. Ever since it has been deemed an official sport for the Olympics, a record number of people have started enrolling in triathlons and that is the best part about them. You don’t really need to be a popular athlete or an athlete at all, because regular people can also sign up.

If you live in Miami, then you should know that you can now have the chance of enrolling in the marathon race of your choice. The number of marathons in Miami has increased over the years and this is only a result of the people’s desire of showing what they got in terms of physical training.
As a Miami resident, you very well know that on a yearly basis there are many endurance and training events taking place, because the weather is so nice. However, out of all of them, the Half Marathon and ING Marathon in Miami events are the biggest events of the year. In early February or late January, over twenty five thousand people worldwide decided to sign up for the triathlons in Miami and challenge the rest of the participants and of course, themselves.

If you think you’re prepared for running or swimming or whatever it is that you’re signing up for, then you should definitely check out the triatlons in Miami. Also, if you’re interested in running, then you might want to check out the Miami Speed Triathlon which will take place in the same racing track where Indy and NASCAR drivers crossed the finish line.

Open Water Swimming
Lastly, if you want to participate at Swim Miami, you should know that this is an event sponsored by Nike and it will offer swimmers the chance of competing against one another in 4 types of swims encompassing distances of 800m and up to 10 kilometers. If you’re a great swimmer, then you might want to sign up as soon as possible to show everyone else what you’re made of!