Only In Miami: Children's Events Before the End of September

Only In Miami: Children’s Events Before the End of September

September is a great month and a busy one at that. By this time, you’re probably seeing a lot of college students cramming and looking for a place to stay, while schoolchildren are starting classes. Despite the busy month ahead, you should try to take some days off and spend it with your kids and loved ones. Before the start of October, there are a couple of events in Miami that you’d want to attend, considering that they’d be fun whether you’re going alone or with a friend. Here are two of the most notable and the reasons why you’d want to go:

Disney on Ice: Worlds of Fantasy
Miami is known for its hot sands and sunny beaches, but did you know that it can actually hold an ice skating event? This is something you have to see, so leave your furnished apartment and slate the date.

Starting September 18-21 in the BBT Center, Disney on Ice skaters will awe you with their graceful choreography and their ability to gracefully dance once ice. This will then be succeeded by a second coming in the American Airlines Arena, on September 24-28.

Try bringing your family to watch one of the shows – it will definitely be worth it. It’s also a great event to take a loved one, like your wife or girlfriend. You won’t see professional ice skaters flawlessly skimming the ice in a rather hot September day in Miami!

This event will feature Pixar’s Cars characters; you might have seen Lightning McQueen in the race course, but not in the skating rink! Aside from which, you will also be treated to the wondrous sight of Ariel and the cast of the Little Mermaid seemingly swimming in the ice.

Overall, this is one event you definitely want to attend – tickets start at $16 apiece. It’ll be worth the money!

Comic Book Day

Every kid in America has certainly grabbed hold of a comic book: you could even have one in your furnished apartment right now. Even with the rise of various media like video games, animation series and other interactive, hi-tech entertainment systems, reading an old-fashioned comic book in the spacious confines of your apartment in Miami after school or work is something to look forward to.

This is one of the reasons why you would want to stop by at the Miami Children’s Museum on September 26th for the Comic Book Day. Regardless if you or your child is a fan of the Avengers or the Justice League, going to this event will surely strengthen bonds between parent and child.

Aside from showing comic book exhibits, children will have the opportunity to create their very own comic strips and even meet a comic cartoonist. The comic book world has been an American favorite since the 1930s, and it is only fitting and proper to celebrate it!

Overall, visiting these events may not mean much, but they’re definitely a great way to end September in a high and positive note. So, be sure to mark those mentioned dates as you end the year in Miami with a bang!