Miami Culture Tips For Tourists

Miami Culture Tips For Tourists

Planning vacation in a foreign place takes a lot of preparation. Not only will you have to train yourself to learn the language of the place, you also have to familiarize yourself with the customs and the do’s and the don’ts so that you won’t get in trouble. The same rule also applies in culturally diverse areas such as Miami and it is important for any tourist to know the culture of this place in order to maximize the fun it has to offer.
Here are just some of the many culture tips that every tourist should know so that they won’t get culture shocked.

1.) It is important that you should get to know the different areas in Miami. Because of its diverse and wide culture, there are certain districts that seen to cater to a specific scene such as food, night life, shopping and many more. Consult travel blogs to know what these areas are.

2.) Don’t get shocked when people in Miami might suddenly kiss. It’s a Latin culture that’s carried over and it is perfectly normal. It’s their way of saying hello and goodbye after all.

3.) As Miami is mostly composed of Spanish-speaking people, it is normal that one of the commonly used languages is Spanish aside from English (thought their unofficial lingua franca is Spanglish). In case you don’t know any Spanish, you can always tell them “’No hablo Español” and they will know.

4.) Expect a lot of Latin culture everywhere you go. So if you are aiming to go to a place that has little to no Latin culture, you better rethink your destination plans.

5.) Dinner is usually at 8pm.

6.) Cafecito, or the Cuban version of the espresso, is a must try if you are a coffee lover or looking for a way to stay up all night. Also called as Café Cubano, it is stronger and sweeter than your regular American coffee. You have been warned.

7.) Other caffeinated alternatives from the cafecito is the café con leche, which is the Cuban version of the latte, and the cortadito.

8.) Be familiar with the local shortcuts for names such as SoBe for South Beath and SoFi for South of Fifth Street in South Beach

9.) Even if Miami is predominantly Latin, it is still a melting pot of races and cultures and it is evident on its art scene. Miami is not only rich with a boisterous night life, it also has an art scene that is simply to die for the creative at heart. From museums to art galleries, your options are endless. Speaking of the art scene, never leave Miami without visiting its art deco buildings and Wynwood.

10.) Miami is a fast growing foodie haven which cuisine ranging from Cuban to Japanese. Always be on the look out for great restaurant at every corner. Speaking of the food scene, you should not miss out on the many food trucks all over Miami.

Bonus tip:
11.) Miami Beach. Definitely Miami Beach.