Miami Food Bucket List: Things To Eat Before You Leave Miami

Miami Food Bucket List: Things To Eat Before You Leave Miami

Aside from being a hotbed of events, Miami brings a whole lot more and that includes a variety of things to try out. However, when there’s so much to choose from, how are you going to narrow your choices down especially if you have limited time? Well, we’ve come with a food bucket list that you should try the next time you make a stop in Miami.

1. Traditional frita by El Mago de las Fritas

You can never say that you’ve already sampled Miami if you haven’t eaten a frita yet. For those who are not aware yet, a frita is the Cuban version of the American hamburger that comes with matchstick potatoes called papita and a secret sauce on Cuban bread. El Mago de las Fritas makes one of the best fritas in the area and it would be a crime not to sample its goodness.

2. Chicken, watermelon, and waffles of Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

We know what you’re thinking, chicken and waffles are one thing but chicken and watermelon and waffles? Preposterous! But here not exactly. The unusual combination is so Southern, it is one of the hottest items in the place’s Southern-inspired restaurant. Much more than it is topped with honey hot sauce, Vermont sharp cheddar, and Bourbon maple syrup.

3. Abuela Maria by Azucar Ice Cream Company

Sweet stuff won’t fall behind in this list and Abuela Maria proves just that. Mainly vanilla ice cream, it comes mixed with guava, fluffy cream cheese, and Maria cookies topped with a drizzling of guava syrup. But if you’re looking for more choices they also offer other flavors such as café con leche (Cuban coffee and Oreos) and, interestingly enough, zapaticos de rosa (rose petals).

4. Milkshakes by Robert Is Here

Who would ever think that the milkshake would even find its way to this list? But do take our word for it, the milkshake from this pit stop before the Overseas Highway. Not only it is a fruit stand, food marketer, farm, and petting zoo but their milkshakes are to die for. Also, they whip it up with a variety of flavors such as key lime, papaya, tamarind, guanabana, and pineapple.

5. Short rib melt by Ms. Cheezious

We have to admit, melts are deliciously addicting. And if you’re really craving for some in Miami then we highly suggest this place’s short rib melts. Opt for their to-go braised short rib with Jack cheese, pickled onions, and arugula on sour dough. Best of all, it tastes best when it’s eaten in the best seat of the house – the backyard.

6. Jamaica Kitchen’s Jamaican patty

Look for authentic Jamaican take out food? Then this is the place you should go to. Made with freshly-made patties with mild beef, spicy beef, curry chicken, jerk chicken, vegetables, potatoes, and so on.

7. Cortadito

This last item isn’t that hard to find. After all, it’s found all over Miami, you can’t miss it! It is a rite of passage for anyone in Miami to go up to any ventanita in Miami, order a coffee in perfect Spanish in 3:05 pm on the dot because of its Miami’s official cafecito time.