Miami Fun Facts: Heavenly Beaches

Miami Fun Facts: Heavenly Beaches

Welcome to Miami! Before you could go on ahead and enjoy the sights Miami has to offer, answer this question first. What is the most coveted tourist attraction in Miami? If you guessed its beaches, you are most correct!

There are a lot of interesting things attached to the beautiful beaches of Miami. For example, Miami Beach was not a beach before, but rather the Coconut Grove Plantation. In 2008, America’s number 1 beach, deemed by the Travel Channel, was Miami’s very own South Beach. Those are just to name some. But what Miami visitors look forward to is Miami’s year round beach-ready weather. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of December or the first day of spring as its always sunny in Miami. The weather will always be bikini perfect.

One of the most popular beaches in Miami is South Beach. Not only has it been the setting of many a postcard and television shows, it is also seen as a surfing haven for surfers. To be more specific, surfers head over to South Pointe Park’s 1st and 5th streets for the readily available 360 degree view of the ocean. Aside from surfing, water sports enthusiasts also flock South Beach for its array of water activities such as kayaking and wave running. Both water sports and wet activities are not the only thing you can do at South Beach, partying is also a famous tourist and local attraction over at Ocean Drive and 5th Street.

However, if you’re not into partying hard, you can always pull up a lounge chair or rent a cabana or umbrella to sit alongside several of the beach’s iconic lifeguards (Thank you, Baywatch!) and read. Beach wheelchairs are also available for handicapped visitors.If you’re part of the LGBT community, the gay beach is just a walk up north of Miami Beach, over at 12th Street and Ocean Drive. If you’re looking for a topless beach, then Surfside is the place for you.

If taking a scenic stroll along the boardwalk is your thing, Miami Beach Central at 21st to 46th Street might just be the thing up your alley. These streets are quite popular for joggers and strollers alike.You can also stroll around or go fishing at Sunny Isles Beach and Pier. You can always trek up to North Beach Bandshell for free concerts. Notably, this beach has been dubbed as the best beach in Miami because of its wide open spaces and green surrounding.

If you’re looking for family friendly beaches, it is a must to head over to Crandon Park in Key Biscayne and Matheson Hammock at the south. It’s a rip-current free bay with a lot of amenities such as playgrounds, picnic tables, showering facilities just to name some.

That’s not all as Miami also has a handful of pet-friendly beaches. One of these is Haulover Beach. It has a dog park for your four-legged friend to have fun and also hosts pet-friendly on-beach schedules. Other pet friendly beaches are Hobie Beach, also called as Windsurfer Beach, and The North Shore Open Space Park.