Miami Furnished apartments guide

What makes a Miami Furnished apartment and how does one go about renting such a place. Furnishing an apartment might seem to be an easy task, and in many ways it’s is like most things in life once you have done it several times, you slowly achieve that learning curve that allows you to repeat the process and do it well and tastefully. In today’s Miami Furnished apartments environment a person/company can no longer can just put the basics and hope the guest will give you a good rating or recommend your place. As the housing boom took shape in 2008 and the glut of unsold units hit the market, many owners quickly furnished their apartments in Miami and attempted to fill them at any cost in hopes to recover a higher rent and pay the monthly mortgage payment. This led to a glut of units that were either poorly managed, furnished, and with no customer service to speak off. This in turn spooked many would be renters from renting a furnished apartment and instead go to a hotel.

As the Miami Furnished apartments have slowly been absorbed into the market, it has now turned back to serious owners and managed companies in the business of renting furnished apartments and its now safer than ever to rent a furnished apartment. One way to avoid any problems is to check the company at your local business better bureau and ask for two references.
How do you go about renting a furnished apartment ?  For one its important that you are allowed to rent it .. this might seems like an odd question but many condo’s bylaws do not allow a short term rentals and are limited to a one year lease. Secondly you must make sure you have a good lease in place where it spells out the check in date, check out date and all of the amenities and utilities that are included in the rent. Thirdly make sure you collect the appropriate sales tax.. In Miami Dade county the tax is 13% and it must be filled monthly on time with both the department of revenue and the Miami Dade tax collectors office.
Lastly arrange for payment to be handled at the day of entrance and not on departure date to avoid any surprises
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by: franco battistini