Miami Furnished Apartments

Miami Furnished Apartments


Miami Furnished Apartments are a unique product to explain to many outside of Miami. Most people in the US and even most Floridians for that matter assume that we all live two blocks from Ocean Drive and can walk onto the  beach. Even, Lebron James from the Miami Heat famously said he was going to take his skills to South Beach, as to refer to Miami and the Beach in one breath. Well for those that are not familiar or have not visited here before you must drive over a causeway to reach South Beach, and the rest of us live in the mainland where we enjoy a  downtown area, a financial district, a up in coming arts district and for the most part the rest is residential. Miami spans over a large area commonly called Miami Dade county is the most populous county in Florida and the 7th in the US and its size is over 1,946 square miles with 35 incorporated cities and many still unincorporated.

With that in mind, finding a Miami Furnished apartments is not quite as simple as one might imagine. We get many calls from all around the country and about 50% ask for our distance to BEACH and we do spend the time to educate the consumer so they do not arrive here to find that they must rent a car and drive 20 minutes to reach their chair on the sand. Now there are another 50% that are planning a vacation to miami  and want to stay in the city and are not planning on going to the beach then it much easier to navigate them to their desired location.

So we will be setting out in the coming months to provide an interactive map of Miami for those that are not quite sure where the main attractions are and where they may find our furnished apartments

Miami Furnished Apartments Locations by Miami Vacations ( map below)

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