Miami Cuisine

When Miami Gets a Fusion of Taste and Budget

Miami is a city laden with restaurants that are actually wallet-friendly for some locals and tourists who are on a tight budget. Plates from $3 dollars are definitely the best bargain in town. From seafood to Latin American cafes, as well as Caribbean, Asian and even Canadian joint, Miami is definitely a fusion of gostoso restaurante. So here are the top 5 picks of inexpensive restaurants where quality surpasses pricing with no exceptions.

Miami Cuisine

Joe’s Stone Crab. Famous for its ‘stone crabs’ since 1913. It’s the love of food that brought in customers and kept them coming. So, scan the menu closely to find delightful grubs without breaking the bank.

El Mago de las Fritas. Fancy a burger with a dash of Spanish paprika, added with mouth-watering chorizo topped with chopped onions and potato fries; this is probably one of Cuba’s contribution to Miami’s sandwich cosmos and El Mago( the Magician). It has been serving food lovers since 1984. Order their famous Frita a Caballo or their amazing Perros.

La Camaronera. If you are looking for another variety of Cuban sandwich, then you must pay a visit to La Camaronera. This is owned by the Garcia family; it all started from opening a fish market way back in the 1960’s, then finally, the family add in fryers to cook their catch of the day and serve it in the pan con minuta (snapper sandwich) with a cup of a fresh and flavourful sopa de cherna (grouper soup). Sabroso!

El Rey del Chivito. From Miami’s Latin-American influences comes a specialty known as chivito (little goat) sandwich. This sandwich is just about everything you could ever imagine: grilled steak; ham, bacon, TLC, onions, mayonnaise that are all loaded up into a lightly toasted bun plus a side of fried, all for under $10.

B&M Market. Well this is more of a “take-out” place than an actual diner. It is not even in the greatest suburb in Miami. But, if you are looking for a real Caribbean dish of jerk chicken, tender braised oxtails, or a curried goat that is usually served with steamed cabbage, beans and rice, then B&M Market is the best stop.

Miami is full of eccentric, but surprisingly delicious meals. Sometimes it’s not just a question of where you dine, but when. So when you are planning to visit a place of assorted culture of cuisine and lifestyle, Miami will undeniably top it all.