Miami Vacations Rentals Tips

Miami Vacations Rentals Tips -Renting a Short term rentals can be a great way to save money while you visit Miami. Apartments can easily accommodate larger groups and can allow you to prepare meals in your own furnished apartment and do laundry yielding greater saving and provide you a home feel. Short term rentals also provide a tourist a true sense of how its like to really live in Miami away from the South Beach crowd and lights and nightlife.

Understand a Short-term rental

Short Term rentals apartments usually do not include breakfast or a daily cleaning service. Many hosts are interested also in providing very important and useful information to guide the guest   — others are are most interested in selling a rental program to their guest. You should always ask for the condition of the apartment and ask for amenities available in whatever property you rent. It’s important to request references and recent photos and do not hesitate to contact previous guest to get a good sense of what you are really getting.
Ask About Pets, Children and Smoking
If you have pets and children traveling with you it’s very important to ask if pets are for one allowed in the premises and whether they have a weight limitation. Pets in most cases carry a security deposit that is not refundable and they can be over $500.00 so make sure you are not surprised. Its common for short-term rentals to allow pets but up to a certain size and it may to late once you have arrived.  With most apartments, young children are welcomed but not all buildings are child friendly as it may be a senior community or full of college students. Apartments tend to be non-smoking, but in Miami many units tend to have balconies where you may smoke but make sure you ask to be sure.
Book Ahead Short term rentals
BOOK AHEAD .. While there are frequently apartments available on short notice for short term but your options will be limited and very limited on high season and you may have to settle for a further location than desired and longer driving time as the traffic in Miami at peak hours can be very challenging.
Know the Cancellation and Payment Policies
Cancellation policies vary from apartment to apartment and in todays fast moving world pre payment has become more common with no refunds. Understand the policy and charges associated with canceling your reservation or changing the dates of your visit prior to making a booking. Even if you reserve with a credit card, payment for your accommodations may be required in cash or Traveler’s checks — clarify when you reserve. A mandatory cleaning fee may be added to your reservation and it may not be waived when you cancel as well
Unlike a hotel where there is always someone at the front desk if you lose your keys or need to pick up an extra set this may become a challenge unless you have been well informed.  Be sure to confirm where/when you’ll be picking up the keys and where you would be able to pick up keys if stolen or lost  and bring along contact information for a 24 hour emergency number
Maid Service
Short term apartment rentals rarely include daily maid service, though you can often pay extra if this is essential to you. Now more and more this service can be arranged for a few but keep in mind that the cost will no more different than if you had someone come to your own home to clean for a they day. Prices start at $50 and can be be as high as $150. This means you’ll need to make your own bed and you might need to reuse the towels provided for several days before they are replaced. Ask when booking to find out the specific policy and the availability of this service.
Apartments most likely need to be interchangeable
According to Miami Vacations Corporate Rentals: “A hotel with 400 rooms most of the times can change a guest quickly in the event that a room number needs to be changed or client needs to be moved”. In a short term rentals apartment setting this is not always the case and if a particular unit has a serious maintenance issue it will be forced to relocate the guest to another building and with little notice according to the issue at hand.  
Save Money with Self Serve
You can save money when renting a short-term rentals in Miami particularly if you choose to cook daily and due your own laundry and if parking is included  
Good luck from your Miami Vacations Rentals Team 
by: Franco Battistini