Natural Parks in Miami

Natural Parks in Miami


If you want to visit a cosmopolitan city which is quite diverse, Miami is a great choice. It has sandy beaches, palm trees, exotic plants and hammocks where you can spend lazy afternoons swinging and listening to the sound of the ocean. Miami has had its fair share of natural parks with fauna and flora that is unique. The beauty that is to be found in the parks and play areas of Miami is unparalleled, making this city, one of the best cities to vacation in if not in the world, then in the U.S. Miami Vacations offers you furnished rental apartments at reasonable rates so that you can enjoy of a relaxing and comfortable stay when you’re back from the amazing natural state parks available in the city.

City Parks

Many of the natural parks in Miami are maintained by the city enjoyment of visitors and locals. The locals are proud of their city and treat the parks with reverence. One of the popular local parks is Lummus Park which provides palm trees and dunes that stretch down the beach connecting to the azure of the ocean. With the ocean drive as the backdrop, Lummus Park is picture perfect. There are beautiful art deco hotels in the vicinity and fancy boutique stores.

There are other small neighborhood parks that are popular for various reasons other than the fact that they are great places to take walks in like Simpson Park with its hardwood hammocks just a couple of blocks away from the city center is a great place for anyone needing some respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. The famous Coconut grove is lined by Peacock, Wainright and David Kennedy parks. Pine crest Gardens is a 22 acre park with thousands of exotic plants set amongst the hardwoods that are native to Miami. This is a popular park for events and wedding. In 1930’s a bird sanctuary was built to allow birds to fly freely and not be confined in cages. This has since changed the topography into a jungle. The morphing of this place into an urban jungle which the village of Pine crests later bought and transformed the area into an island jungle.

Regional Parks

There are bigger parks which according to their sheer size, they are classified as regional parks. Haulover Park is one such park which stretches to 1.4 miles of sandy beachfront. The Oleta River has mangrove trees, manatees and turtles that

To make things even more interesting, the Virginia Keys and Biscayne lie across the bay glimmering across the surface along the Ridgeback causeway like gems on a string. Families have picnics and walk their dogs along the beach. Miamians love the party as much as they love to party, so there is always something entertaining that goes on.