It’s Never a Boring Weekend in Miami

It’s Never a Boring Weekend in Miami

Believe it or not, even those who have only heard what weekends are like in Miami will have to agree that there is no boring weekend in this city. There’s only one place most people go should they want to be entertained, Miami.
A Glimpse of their Lives
These days, more people are enjoying and showing interest on contemporary artwork. In other words, a wider audience begins to fit inside art exhibits. It was in 2009, where Carlos and Rosa De La Cruz needed a place for their impressive collection of their artwork. Since it would no longer fit inside their home, it was then that they built an ideal spot. Soon after, they began to open its doors to those who had the same passion as them, and were interested in this kind of art.

It’s a SaturDATE

Find yourself at 23 NE 41st St., Miami, which is the exact location of the de la Cruz collection. You would be mesmerized on their words of art. Not only is this place intended for the artistic couples, but also to those who need a place for amateur or promising artists, this place is reserved for your collection to be exposed. The couple has only one goal – to have a community with productive individuals that are real and most of all allow the arts education to prosper. As a matter of fact, Ivy members and their friends have been taking after-hours tour.

If there’s a group that is dedicated to beef up intellectuals and allow them to engage their experiences as they have interaction with people, this is the group that is interested on the de la Cruz collection. The Ivy Art Tour begins at 4:30PM. The price is only $10 to $40. However, this rate depends on the number of guests. has the information of the tour that will be held this Saturday. So, you can start marking your calendar.

Posh Sunday

Yes, that is this Sunday. In fact, the Miami Swim Week is hailed as the biggest fashion event of the year in the city. Every year, this kind of event brings people who find fashion as their main passion The Brickell Fashion Market showcases the best independent retailers and fashion designers at the fashion show. In addition, craftsmen, artists, and even the local business owners flock in town only for this one day shopping spree. This market is held every last Sunday of the month at 400 SE Second Ave, particularly at the Hyatt Regency.

In order to add the fun and excitement at the market, DJ’s usually play your all-time favorite tunes. Moreover, if you think only those who enjoy fashion can enjoy this event, think again. Consider it a playground for fashion geeks and those who simply want to bounce from one stall to another, or to those tagging their families along with them. Most of the designs come from the local designers with their own brand and own style. Not only are these artists’ work exposed, but it’s also in a family-friendly atmosphere. It is best to visit the market at 11AM when they open. has all the information including the time it will be closed, 6PM.

Two days of fun and excitement, can’t wait for it? One more night and you’ll definitely enjoy.