Nightlife in Miami

Nightlife in Miami – What to do in this fun city!

Miami-NightlifeThe question of what to do in Miami has literally more answers than there’s time in a year to voice, but over the years a few notable hotspots have built reputations as the very best. So if on the lookout for the really hot places in Miami next time you hit Florida for a vacation, give the following top-picks a try and rest assured you’ve seen the city at its finest.

So many people take Miami vacations just to come to Cameo, and with very good reason. This iconic night club on South Beach is literally world class in every way and has recently been fully refurbished and redesigned. Some of the best DJs in the whole world regularly make guest appearances, though it’s always best to book a VIP table as demand is off the scale.

Ask supermodels and the rap contingency where to go in Miami and chances are they will send you to Mansion, which is set in an old theatre that’s dripping with art deco heritage and never fails to draw an A-List crowd. There are plenty of live concerts here most days of the week and the sound quality is excellent – just be aware that getting on the happy side of the velvet rope is not an easy task.

Nikki Beach
Anything goes at Nikki Beach every single weekend so be sure to head there with an open mind. During the day you’ll find an upmarket restaurant in a truly stunning location, which undergoes a transformation in the evening to become an incredible open-air nightclub that’s literally right on the sand.

Set Miami
This place has taken home too many award to even begin listing and is said to be one of the best dance clubs on the face of the Earth today. That being said, the set-up is more one of lazing about and drinking too much than dancing, but things never fail to kick off when the DJ gets started.

And finally, no list of hot places in Miami could be complete without LIV, which can be found at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach and is a true part of the city’s furniture. It’s the closet you’ll get to a Las Vegas feeling on this side of the US and represents the quintessentially outrageous Miami experience you simple cannot leave town without trying out.