One Broadway Miami luxury Rentals


miami vacation rentals and corporate housing one in the same ? That is what many ask in the industry
and the answer is its a little of both. Corporate housing is term used for the corporate traveler that will be in a unit for an approximate average time of 90 days and the Miami Vacation Rentals is usually in town for about 10 days .. however the apartment layout and furniture is the same and its feel and comfort so they are in many ways interchangeable. Now most corporate housing providers concentrate on the business client that will be in town for longer than 30 days and this requires much less logistics than then weekly vacationer that will have much more expectations as he will expect that during his short stay in Miami he will have a smooth sailing in his unit and it leaves very little room for any maintenance issue.


 One Broadway Miami luxury Rentals

Vacation Home Miami is another term for Miami vacation Rentals and many guest will also start by  asking for a vacation home yet they are business traveler and they also have picked up this lingo to find accommodation in cities where corporate housing in limited

One Broadway Miami luxury Rentals are now ready for occupancy and can be viewed at any time

author:franco battistini