Perfect Business Hubs in Miami

Perfect Business Hubs in Miami

Being an employee in the business field is not easy sometimes. All of the paperwork, employee relations, meetings and a lot more can really take a toll in your mental state and can contribute to stress. It is good to relax once in a while and what better place to relax than in South Beach.

Miami is known for its beaches and party lifestyle and people from all around the country gather here often to attend concerts and spend time at the beach. If you have guests or VIP’s from your business and you want to show them the good side of Miami, here are some great tips to get you started!

Starting the day

The first thing that you want to do in the morning is eat breakfast, right? Accompany your guests to a Sunday good brunch feast at a buffet style with excellent seafood selections at the new Devon seafood + steak. Here you can eat till you drop, which is a great way to kick start your business meeting with your bosses or business partners.

Any other day, you can go to a daily brunch in the Local House and treat yourself and your guests to brunch favorites such as eggs and steak. All the more reason to discuss business while eating a good hearty meal to start the day!

Drink it out!

Meeting with the board of directors, a CEO, or CFO of a company means that you need to have an exciting and inviting atmosphere so that your meeting will go smoothly. There are a lot of places in Miami that you can take your VIP guests to and have a good drink as well as discuss business.

There is a great spot called the Abbey and is one of the more popular places in South Beach. Here you can have a great time with your boss or your partners and enjoy a good drink with a lot of selection on beers, mixed drinks and shots. You can either have a quiet meeting or you can have a ball with your guests and make them feel at home in this bar. As a matter of fact, the shop will host its 21st birthday and to celebrate properly, everybody can enjoy discounted drinks. All the more reason to celebrate and drink with your guests.


Running a business can be stressful not just for you but maybe for your guests as well. After a long business meeting, it might be best to stay in touch with nature once in a while and get out and experience the Everglades. The Everglades National Park has wonderful camping opportunities for those who want to experience the back country and front country of Florida. Camping is available all year round but for the safety of your guests, it might be best to take them here when the sun is up because rainy seasons might spoil the experience.