Places to Visit While in Miami

Places to Visit While in Miami

Miami-BeachWhite sand beaches, sunshine, sizzling nightlife and endless outdoor fun activities are just few of the things you instantly think of when you think of Miami. Millions of visitors and guests from around the globe flock the remarkable Miami every year. It is the top grosser for holiday makers and vacationers looking for warm weather plus the breathtaking beaches and other outdoor treasures to explore. If you are thinking of your next to-die-for vacation and holiday, make sure your flight is booked to Miami.

What to do in Miami

Outdoor enthusiasts would surely love the limitless things to do in Miami. Partygoers would also have the most adrenaline-rushing experience with the sizzling Miami nightlife. No matter what interest you have, you would certainly find something to explore and enjoy in this world-class holiday and vacation destination.

Sheer Beach Pleasure

Miami is internationally renowned for its remarkable sun, sea and scenery. Enjoy the South Beach and all the amazing activities you can do from Frisbee to volleyball to surfing lessons. You can choose a rigorous South Beach Bootcamp program or indulge in a sunset yoga class with a scenic beach backdrop.

Nightlife, clubbing and bar hopping

Individual bar-clubs and glamorous nightlife is part and parcel of the Miami experience. Enjoy the eccentric nightlife at the South Beach of experience chandelier-lit and dusky, old-school cruise-ship aesthetics in Florida Rooms. You can also rediscover the art deco movie theatre at Cameo featuring premier superstar Miami DJs.

Rustic and Country-like Discovery

See the other side of the outdoors with the bucolic farm fields located around the Homestead. Discover over 500 different species and varieties of herbs, fruits, veggies, exotic edibles, nuts and spices at the Fruit & Spice Park. See old school farm houses, small stalls and traditional fruits and veggie sellers where you can also drink fresh fruity milkshakes or buy sweet treats.

Where to Stay in Miami

You have myriads of choices for places to stay in Miami from luxurious and intimate boutique hotels to exquisite resorts and homey short term apartment rentals. To narrow down your choices, you can choose the perfect accommodation based on their location.

Explore Miami and see the mesmerizing beauty and fun of this world-renowned destination for holidaymakers and vacation enthusiasts. You have diversified choices from outdoors such as beaches, farms and wildlife preserves to the chic and urbane nightlife experience. From activities to accommodation, Miami is truly a luxurious and must-visit destination.