Preparing for Thanksgiving: Events to Visit in Miami

Preparing for Thanksgiving: Events to Visit in Miami

In less than two weeks, the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving Day, and surely, you’re already wondering what to whip up. Luckily, there are a few events that will give you a number of bright ideas. So, if you’re wondering what to pair with the traditional turkey and cranberry pie, here are some events that can help you find what you’re looking for:

Acreage Green Market

Looking for ingredients? Well, you have two chances to visit this market before Thanksgiving: November 16 and November 23. Don’t fret though, since they’ll be open on Sundays until February.

Basically, this market is selling fresh produce, home-baked goods, food and drinks, salsas, and plants. This market is a great place to look for veggies and spices to stuff in your turkey, or ingredients to your salad, this is the best place to visit in South Beach.

The market also provides glass and woodwork, as well and custom embroidery products – perfect if you are looking for an early Christmas present.

Ayesha’s Kitchen

Who says Thanksgiving should all be about turkey? If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, pay a visit to Ayesha’s kitchen and learn how to cook authentic Indian dishes. Presented by none other than Ayesha D’Mello, this class/workshop will specialize in cooking vegetable and seafood dishes, as well as bread and desserts.

Indian cuisine is pretty spicy and is focused more on turning vegetables into great-tasting hot plates and stews. Just pay up $75 and you’ll be able to put an exotic flavor on your Thanksgiving table!

Collins Park Street Market

Acreage isn’t the only farmer’s market in town: Collins Park Street Market will feature fresh produce like organic fruits and vegetables, as well as fruit smoothies and other activities. Vendors will also cook up a storm: local food items will also be available, while ethnic products will be up for sale.

You can still catch this market this Sunday and the next. It’s the perfect event to look for Thanksgiving foodstuff and ingredients. Buy your green peas, grapes, oranges and fresh cranberries here!

Doral Farmer’s Market

From 10am-3pm next Sunday, Doral Farmer’s Market will be there to serve you. Although this market may have the same inventory as the markets of Collins Park and Acreage, Doral presents a more diverse catalog. Other than fresh farm produce, this market also sells meat and locally-produced honey.

Basically, you may be able to get your Thanksgiving turkey here, given that it sells meat. Beef and pork products are also up for grabs. Herbs and spices, especially those used to add flavor to your cooking, will be on display. Meat-related products like eggs and cheese are also available – these are freshly produced!

Piece of advice: don’t shop at grocery and department stores. Farmer’s markets are way cheaper, and as an added benefit, you get to buy products straight from the source. So, be sure to list your Thanksgiving plans and put these markets and events on your itinerary!

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