Run away from the Winter

​Run away from the Winter

short term rentalsThe recent cold has taken its toll in many different places across our country; well don’t you think it’s time you got away from it? Instead of spending your mornings shivering and bundled up you could be lying out on the beach, looking at the waves! We’re hitting some record low temperatures across the US, but not in Florida.

​A Miami vacation could be just what you need! A reasonably priced vacation spot, Miami is one of those places that retain the warm weather even during these cold times. The humidity that Florida has to offer combined with the heat it usually has might be a bit unsettling to some, but during these cold times it balances out perfectly. The humidity is less intense, the heat is welcome rather than sweltering, and there are a good number of other distractions besides the nice weather.

​Miami Beach happens to be rated among the ten best beaches in the whole world. White sand and warm water await you if you head on out. Besides the beach, wandering the nights is a lot more enjoyable when you aren’t shivering down to your bones, so go on and check out some of the finest cuisine Miami has to offer. And if partying all night is your thing? Don’t worry, the clubs stay open until 5 AM and the after-parties just go on and on.

​If that isn’t really your scene, then check out the art and beautiful scenery Miami has to offer. The Perez Art Museum is rather new but already has a firm foundation in the art community of Miami.

​So head on down and avoid the winter when you come to the place where it’s always like summer. Whether it’s lounging, partying, pampering, or adventuring, a winter getaway to Miami could be exactly what you need.