Where To See The World Cup Close To Miami Vacations Apartments

If you’re in Miami on business of for a vacation, you can hardly have missed the biggest event of the soccer world calendar—The World Cup is currently happening. While staying in one of Miami Vacation’s furnished apartments for rent certainly has the perks of Internet service and cable, many of us enjoy a more festive atmosphere in which to watch our favorite teams strive for dominance. Here are a few of the most popular bars in which you can enjoy a different cultural atmosphere for every game. While there are many things to do in Miami, when game time rolls around, the only thing that matters is that you’ve got a good seat to watch the action.


Novecento and Fado

Both in Brickell, an area that is rich in shopping and dining opportunities, but otherwise largely residential, boasts two of the best venues. First, Novecento is a distinctly Argentinean sports bar. If there’s one leisure activity the people of Argentineans love more than dancing, drinking, eating and music, it’s soccer. Of course, there will be plenty of those other things as well, with dancers, enough televisions to afford everyone a good view, and some of the best food and drink in the area.

Fado Irish Pub has gathered a surprising number of Uruguayan soccer enthusiasts, and will definitely be making much of their match July 4th and 5th. Come enjoy food, soccer, and drink, while making a host of new friends throughout the World Cup frenzy.

Fritz & Franz

These guys will be your new best friends if you find yourself in Coral Gables for the World Cup, or at least their authentically German Bierhaus will be a place to get a front row seat. As well, you’ll be treated to delicious food, excellent beer, and a variety of people just as enthusiastic about watching the games as you are.


While there are going to be any number of fantastic block parties in progress during the World Cup, with every country demonstrating its enthusiasm for soccer as well as a great time, this Italian oasis will be thronged with some of the world’s most boisterous and seriously minded soccer fans. Head on over to Lincoln Road and join the party.

These are, of course, only a few of the many places to catch a match of the World Cup tournament this summer in Miami. No matter where you’ve decided to roost, there will be a host of happening venues at which you can partake of delicious food, drink, and the excitement of highly skilled teams competing for supremacy in this most thrilling tournament of the year.