Short Term housing

Short Term housing Family reunion? Friends traveling together? Let MIAMI VACATIONS CORP RENTALS find the perfect accommodations for your entire group in MIAMI, FL!


When extended family members or a group of friends travel together, it’s always a challenge to find the right hotel with the right number of rooms together at the right price in MIAMI, FL. Often times you have to split up into several locations, diminishing that feeling of “togetherness.”

MIAMI VACATIONS CORP RENTALS has the solution to your short-term housing needs in MIAMI, FL! A large portfolio of condominiums, furnished apartments, and corporate apartments makes it possible for you to select charming short-term or long-term accommodations that are perfect for your group in MIAMI, FL! Spacious living is complemented by all the amenities of home, including full-sized kitchens, house wares, linens and there’s always the availability of swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness centers and other fun attractions! Housekeeping and maintenance are part of the package, so you can truly enjoy that “vacation” feeling. So if you’re looking for corporate housing in MIAMI, FL or a furnished apartment in MIAMI, FL we have you covered.


Short Term housing

MIAMI VACATIONS CORP RENTALS can anticipate the needs for your entire group in MIAMI, FL, and can offer a wide variety of comfortable, affordable and appealing corporate housing alternatives in MIAMI, FL. Let MIAMI VACATIONS CORP RENTALS find the right place for your group!