Soccer: A Growing Passion in Miami

Soccer: A Growing Passion in Miami

Americans are known to not really appreciate this beautiful game. In recent years however, this perception has changed tremendously, partly due to the exploits of the Dempsey-led USA Men’s Soccer team in the World Cup. This sport may not be number one in America, but it has definitely garnered a mainstream audience.

Miami is known for its championship basketball team, the Miami Heat. The team has won two championships in the last four seasons, and has been in the last four NBA Finals. Aside from the Heat, the NFL’s Dolphins also has a huge fan base in the city, although the team never made the playoffs in the last six seasons. Watching these sports teams is a joy, regardless if you’re a sports fan or not – lodging wouldn’t be a problem since you can always stay in hotels or furnished apartments in Miami.

However, what about soccer? Currently, USA’s premier football league is the Major League Soccer, founded in 1993 and currently has a plethora of 19 teams, including the well-known LA Galaxy, NY Red Bulls and the current titleholders, Sporting Kansas City.

Although there’s a huge gap between the competitiveness level of the MLS and the premier leagues in Europe, this league definitely popularized soccer in America and is a breeding ground for future American and International soccer stars.

Where does Miami come into the picture? Well, there are confirmed reports of a new Miami-based MLS expansion team, which will probably enter the league in 2017. However, there’s a snag: there’s still no site for a new stadium. Regardless, both home and away fans can stay in numerous hotels, notably Miami Vacations Corporate Rentals.

New expansion team owners David Beckham, former England NT captain and LA Galaxy midfielder, Marcelo Claure, Bolivian Billionaire and Simon Fuller, Beckham’s business partner, are trying to find the appropriate site to no avail, which may prompt them to use a temporary stadium come 2017, which isn’t a problem since a lot of fans can stay in one of the furnished apartments in Coral Gables. However, plans are set to negotiate with PortMiami as the site of the new stadium, but this is facing a staunch opposition from the current tenants.

As of today, the proposed monikers of the team are Miami Current, and the Miami Vice.

Keep in mind that even if the former Miami-based MLS team, the Miami Fusion folded due to financial problems in 2002, there’s still a huge soccer fan base in the city. Before folding, the Fusion actually won the Supporter’s Shield, caused by an impressive run in the regular season.

Soccer is still loved in the city. This is no different in America, and the rest of the world. You’ll be surprised to know that every USA Men’s NT game in the world cup had more domestic viewers than any NBA Finals game – a rare and outstanding feat considering that basketball is more popular than soccer in the United States.

As proof of soccer’s rising popularity, the Coral Gables Museum will host an exhibit called “12 Stadiums, 12 Cities: Brazil 2014 World Soccer Destination” depicting and explaining the architecture of the new stadiums of each of the 12 World Cup cities in Brazil, open until September 14. This is a perfect chance to go to the event while staying at Miami Vacation Rentals. It will be curated by none other than architect Adriana Sabino. The exhibit will involve photos, videos and other interactive kiosks to boost your knowledge about this year’s World Cup and quite possibly, the game itself.

With the impending formation of a Miami-based team, the city’s passion for football will definitely grow and scale great heights. This will prompt numerous fans to troop to the local stadiums, museums and businesses, as well as hotels at affordable prices. Just be sure to save up and get watch a few regular season games by the expansion franchise! The city has a rich championship tradition: will the new MLS team add another feather to the cap?