With its tropical climate, hot summers and dry winters, no wonder Miami is best known for hitting the beach with family and friends at any time, any day. Be it to savor nature’s beauty, or just to bathe in the sun while having your kids play in the long stretch of sand, or if you’re out with friends to party the night away, Miami has the beach that is just perfect for your needs.

Miami’s usually bright and sunny weather is the very reason why tourists are attracted to this beautiful paradise. But how do people here usually get ready for the summer? Here are some of the fun things people do to prepare for their much-awaited summer season.

First and foremost, prepare your OOTD ladies and gents! Leave your winter coats behind because Mr. Sun is usually out in Miami. Be sure to pack your bathing suit and then think of your gear that will protect you from the scorching heat of the sun such as your sunscreen, wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and sundresses.

Do not forget to bring along some flip flops too. And if you’re headed for some nightlife in Miami, you may opt for bright and fun colors when choosing your outfits, the more fashionable, the better! Some nightclubs do have dress codes so better be on the safe side and wear slacks, closed footwear, or a nice party dress. Just remember not to be too casual like wearing jeans and sneakers since some high-end clubs could say no to that.

Second, stay under the radar for the latest weather forecast. Some rainfall may be expected, especially during the summer season in Miami. These rain showers usually occur in the late afternoon so you may also want to pack appropriate clothing in response to some occurrence of rain. You may also want to bring along an umbrella, a light sweater or cardigan, and some shoes to protect your feet from getting wet. The weather in Florida is mostly unpredictable so you may use your weather apps to get informed about the latest weather forecast.

Lastly, protect yourself from dehydration. Sometimes, tourists become too excited about visiting Miami especially because of its happy and sunny weather without realizing the precautions that they should be taking while visiting. Because the sun is mostly always out, you may be in danger of getting dehydrated especially when you are always at the beach, under the heat of the sun

To avoid this, remember to drink water frequently to hydrate yourself. Also, lather on some sunscreen to protect your skin from getting dry or sunburnt. Children and older people are more sensitive to sun exposure so you may choose to apply sunblocks that have SPF50 or above for better protection.

There you go! Hope this helps as you pack for your Miami adventure. Aside from all these tips, we’ve dished out for you, remember to have fun and enjoy!