Highly-rated Japanese Restaurants in the City

Sushi, Sashimi and Miami: Highly-rated Japanese Restaurants in the City

Miami isn’t entirely known for its cuisine, but thanks to the city’s diversity, numerous restaurants serving different kinds of food have sprung up in the downtown area, along with a few furnished apartments in Miami. That being said, one if the most notable cuisines is that of the Japanese: although the Land of the Rising Sun is far from the East Coast, geography hasn’t stopped the cuisine from finding the shores of Miami. If you’re looking to indulge in something exotic and extremely tasty, here are some of the highly recommended Japanese restaurants in Miami:

Mikan Japanese Restaurant

If you’ve been around Pembroke Pines, then you’ve definitely seen this impeccable Japanese restaurant in the city. Anyway, Mikan, owned and run by chef Seiji Ikemizu, moved from Brickell recently, so if you’re living in one of the fully furnished apartments around the area, visiting it is a must. It focuses mainly on seafood, and most of the fish comes from Ikemizu’s home island in Japan, Tokunoshima.

Prices are quite affordable, and a single, sumptuous meal worth $25 is worth every penny. The menu includes Miyagi oysters, different kinds of authentic Japanese ramen (not the instant ones you buy), along with soba and different kinds of Japanese alcoholic drinks.

Eating at Mikan provides an excellent authentic Japanese experience – try eating here one of these days. By the way, the cute sounding name is the Japanese term for orange tangerine.

Morimoto South Beach

Masaharu Morimoto’s restaurant at the Boca Baton Resort and Club is basically a members-only restaurant. This is probably one of the reasons why you haven’t eaten his cuisine, even if you live in one of the fully furnished apartments near it. That being said, he’s probably known in South Beach as one of the best Japanese chefs. However, don’t fret: you’ll be able to dine in on his culinary masterpieces at the about to be opened and recently renovated Shellborne Wyndham Grand.


Morimoto’s specials include the traditional tuna and salmon sushi and sashimi, along with different kinds of seafood dishes, including mussels, scallops and lobsters. That being said, the menu also includes tuna pizza (guaranteed to be mouth-watering) along with king crab dishes and wagyu beef.

You will also be able to enjoy chef Manabu Inoue’s pastries as desserts. Regardless of what you’ll choose to have on the menu, you will certainly enjoy the taste of fresh sashimi and wagyu beef steaks melting inside your mouth.

Matsuri Japanese Restaurant

Being one of the old-timers in Miami, Matsuri Japanese Restaurant offers most of what sushi bars and traditional Japanese restaurants have on the menu. Unlike the earlier mentioned restaurants, Matsuri dishes out Japanese cuisine with little external influences.
For example, they have bento lunch boxes, making you feel like you’re eating something made from an anime series. That being said, it also offers a wide array of sushi and sashimi, which is touted by many of its customers as being the best and freshest.


Although Matsuri isn’t bannered by any well-known chefs, it offers a homely ambiance and cuisine which only the best restaurants can offer.

Overall, if you’re looking to add a bit of flair and flavor into your meals, then leave your fully furnished apartment for the meantime, go Japanese and let the sashimi melt in your mouth.