Miami para turistas: cuáles son los lugares que sí o sí se deben visitar

Miami Vacations

Todo depende de gustos, pero el sur de Florida está preparado para eso y más: hay playas, museos, galerías de arte, lugares para comer, visitas a la naturaleza y otras actividades. Miami se caracteriza por ser un lugar versátil y con variedad para complacer a todos sus visitantes. Hay actividades para hacer en plan familiar, de soltero […]


Go to a Drive-In Movie in Miami

Go to a Drive-In Movie in Miami Going to Miami for vacation is a great choice – there’s lots to do, so you won’t have to worry about getting bored no matter how long you stay. While there’s a lot to do, you should make sure to go to a drive-in movie theater in Miami […]


Miami Vacation Rentals

Miami is one of the most happening cities of the United States having some of the best beaches and amazing recreational facilities that are not found anywhere else in the country. This is the reason why most Americans love spending their vacations in Miami. Besides the beaches, another aspect of Miami that lures out the […]