Temporary housing miami

Can long term apartments be turned into temporary housing miami ? We do get this question many times during the year. The most common answer is no . Long term housing in Miami Florida usually is an apartment that is has been set up to look very clean and open to show to the public with not utilities, furniture, and with a clean coat of paint. Now setting up a unit for short term rental in miami requires more than simply adding a few pieces of furniture.

For one you need to check if you are in a condominium that short term rentals are allowed, secondly you need to check how much it will cost for insurance of short term rentals would cost , which is different than a renters insurance which only covers personal property. Once you offer housing to the public you expose yourself to someone possibly getting injured and turning around and making a claim against you towards your liability insurance . If you own the property in your name this can be more complicated since they may name you personally on the claim

Renting short term housing in Miami can be done but many steps need to be followed and if you need expert advice you may call 1-305-661-3775 –