TGIF in Miami

TGIF in Miami

Because you have been working all day the entire week, you deserve to have at least Friday night to relax and unwind. It’s about time to say, ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ and most of all, be happy that you’re in Miami.

It’s all about that bass.
Perhaps the curse on whoever wins the Best New Artist in the Grammy’s has been long gone. Not for Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, and even Maroon 5 because they have proven everyone wrong. In addition, Meghan Trainor is determined to let her haters witness that it’s not just all about that bass.

There is more to it. You may find it difficult to imagine why she’s coming out in public after 20 years. Yes, Trainor has been toiling on the sets and in the studios only to keep a place for herself in the Billboards. Excited to listen to her second single or probably watch her perform, ‘Lips are Moving’? Head your way to the Bayfront Park Amphitheatre this Friday and you will see for yourself why this artist is still soaring. With only $20.73 to $50.75, you will have the fun you have been wanting to have on a Friday night. Definitely, fans and everyone who are interested, head over to 301 Biscayne Blvd. and spend the night away watching Trainor turn the bass and party.

No in-betweens for Kanye
Remember, when you talk about Kanye West, there will never be in betweens. You either love him or hate him. Are you ready to Feel Like Pablo? The moment he steps on stage, there is no stopping as fans from the concert will be posting videos and photos on social media. As a matter of fact, the internet community, particularly those who don’t like him, never stop creating the buzz.

On the other hand, to the people who love Mr. West, this is the moment they have been hoping for. Keep in mind that no matter how different Kanye is, his stage productions will always be unlike any other. Not to mention, concertgoers would drool as he unravels the stage with his best performance. Prepare to sing along out loud not only the ‘Old Kanye’ hits, but the latest songs he has. Make your way to American Airlines Arena at 601 Biscayne Blvd. and enjoy the night. So, you can imagine after a long week, your $25.50 to $156 will take you to the colorful world of Kanye.

Miami understands that after the end of your long work week, your favorite artists will entertain you the entire night. Tag your friends along and decide which party you will be going to. May it be dancing to the pop music of Meghan Trainor or going nuts with your all time most-loved artist, Kanye West. When it comes to partying and enjoying your night, Miami will always have the answers.