The 5 Miami Secrets Every Adventurer Should Know About

The 5 Miami Secrets Every Adventurer Should Know About

So you think you know everything about Miami? Maybe you should think twice. Though there a lot of things to love about Miami, there are also a lot of things that you have yet to know about. And trust us, you’ll love it. Besides, who does not love a good secret?

Check out these 5 Miami Secrets Every Adventurer Should Know About

Secret # 1: KC Park
What is KC Park? If you’re familiar with the band KC and The Sunshine Band, you’ll know who that person it. This park is a small park found in Hialeah and what’s so odd but at the same time fascinating about it is that aside from its few benches and its walking trail that you can certainly dance on, it’s named after the very band who start off their career in Hialeah.

Secret # 2: Stilt House Rentals
You might be thinking, “You can rent a stilt house?” Yes, you can. Just a boat ride away on Biscayne Bay (by the way, these are the coordinates: 25.6535° N, 80.1715° W), these seven stilted houses are isolated from the world and have been through a lot including hurricanes, fires, and illegal activities. Talk about a strong house. Currently it is in preservation but you can rent it out for $1000 a day for your own private use. SO if you’re looking for a romantic getaway without the distraction or if you just want to be alone even for one day, then this is an option for you.

Secret # 3: The Man-Made Reef in Biscayne Bay
Just when you though Biscayne Bay only had those stilted houses, it also has another secret: a man-made reef. Known as Neptune Memorial Reef, it is located 40ft under the bay (the coordinates are 25° 42.036’ N, 80° 05.409’ W). What’s interesting about it is that it is made to look like an artificial replica of the lost city of Atlantis (or what they probably thought it looked like). Furthermore, it also serves as a memorial site and you can have your cremated remains buried among the statues. The kicker? It’s totally free and open to all.

Secret # 4: Barton G’s Underground Tunnel at The Villa
Rumor has it that The Villa has an underground passageway near its 1,000 mosaic tiled, 24-carat gold pool. To be able to access it, one has to solve the mosaic dial puzzle located at the pool deck. Whether this is true or not, so far no one has solved the puzzle or have seen this underground tunnel. We can’t blame them, the 24-carat gold and the mosaic tiles are quite the things to look at.

Secret # 5: The mysterious Sleeping Lady of Miami City Cemetery
One of the oldest cemeteries is Miami City Cemetery (MCC) and is known to be the Mother of Miami’s, Julia Tuttle, resting place. It is also the burial ground of a strange Carrie Barrett Miller. According to the story, after she died, she was carried to the cemetery of her bed and was them entombed in a block of concrete. What makes this story even more mysterious was her epitaph, “After the body has gone to dust, her sleeping form will remain.”