The Mansion Nightclub Miami

Mansion-MiamiVoted by People magazine as one of the hottest nightclubs in the US, this is the place to spend an evening of high-energy fun. The venue alone is visually stimulating from the moment you step foot in the door.  Upon entering the lobby, you are greeted with a throwback from its earlier days as a theater, a large, beautiful, chandelier. Also in style at that time, you’ll notice the white tufted walls lined with led lit panels. Once you enter the main floor, your eyes will automatically be drawn to the extravagance of lights that will surround you, especially the LED illuminated ceiling. The DJ booth is stationed in the center of the room and VIP tables are scattered around the DJ booth for full-scale immersion into the music. The performance stage can be transformed into an elevated VIP section or arranged to host full stage shows. The mansion also has a second floor, or as they call it, the mezzanine level. The mezzanine level’s decor is decadent with suede and leather sofas and comfortable seating that surround the second floor bar.  This level boasts a ceiling mural with a depiction of heaven and hell, original brass railings and booths with high walls for patrons who seek privacy.

Gogo dancers and aerialists provide amazing performances throughout the evening. The dazzling lights shows alone will leave you breathless. The DJ rocks the house with music that will keep you dancing all night long in high fidelity sound. The Mansion also features live performances by world renowned artists like Britney Spears, Prince and Velvet Revolver. No doubt, from the live performances of the aerialists and dancers, to the dazzling light shows, to the high-energy music coming from the center stage, you will dance the night away and be entertained for hours.