Things to do in Dadeland Miami

Things to do in Dadeland Miami

Development of the Dadeland area began in the 1960s as post World War II Miami stretched in a new sense of economic prosperity. The region was stretching its former boundaries to accommodate those who had been attracted by the many beautiful and interesting aspects of the area. That busy building was accompanied by some of the first major expressways in the environs of Miami as well as the first shopping malls. It continued growing through the 70s, 80s, and 90s, eventually meeting the expanding Miami city limits. Today, it’s a “border” city, which is considered a part of the Miami urban landscape.

But the character of Dadeland is distinct, shaped by its development from hinterland to suburb to satellite urban residential area. Because of this, much of the things to do in Dadeland, proper, consist of opportunities for shopping and dining, with the more varied attractions a brief commute away in the city of Miami and the surrounding areas. If you have business or vacation days to be spent in Dadeland, you’ll be pleased to know that it lies just to the south and west of the best attractions in Miami. As well, Dadeland offers lower costs of living essentials during due to its location than you’d find in the center of urban Miami. Taking a fully furnished apartment with Miami Vacations in this peripheral location more than pays for itself and allows you to be more adventurous than a typical Miami hotel might.

The Dadeland Mall

This is Miami’s oldest and most iconic mall. While it is also home to Florida’s largest and most established Macy’s department store, it boasts more than 100 other, highly select shops that cater to every need and whim a shopper can bring through their historic doors. Recently, the mall underwent a large renovation and construction process, gaining an extra wing that adds 102,000 square feet to its venerable dimensions.

Pinecrest Gardens

This is a beautiful community in Dadeland, which is gathered around the historic botanical gardens. Take a tour and enjoy the lovely, mature plantings and varied landscapes offered in this lush garden spot.

Books n Books

Located a short jaunt up the road from Dadeland in Coral Gables, this independent bookshop is a browser’s dream come true. In addition to a vast selection of reading materials, you’ll find a wide variety of places to sit and read a few pages before buying. Additionally, the shop offers patrons a unique café experience to help them decide between the eighteen different books they just can’t seem to put down.

Cruise the Miracle Mile

Coral Gables also offers a carefully cultivated boulevard called the Miracle Mile. Studded with unique shops, restaurants, and entertainment opportunities, you should most certainly make time for a stroll down this street.

If you’re seeking things to do in Dadeland there are plenty of options for cuisine and shopping. Plus, because Miami has grown to incorporate it and transit is a simple matter, a variety of other entertaining options are accessible in the other neighborhoods of Miami. You won’t have to range far afield to fill your social and sight seeing calendar during your stay in Dadeland.