Top 5 Dance Clubs in Downtown Miami

Top 5 Dance Clubs in Downtown Miami

Have you ever been to a dance club in Miami? If you haven’t, read on to be amazed by the top 5 clubs in Miami.

Sure, your weekends have to be party weekend, but it doesn’t mean that you can only go to a club party on a weekend. Believe it or not, there are clubs that are open on a Friday. As a matter of fact, Miami offers a different level of sound and style each night.

# 5: The Hangar

Located at the 60 NE11th St, the Hangar knows how to play dubstep in the 24-hour district. This simply means, they know how to provide their fans with the right kind of music 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Last year, Skrillex came to Miami and was looking for an airplane themed club, there was no other choice but to hold his show it at The Hangar.

# 4: Libertine

If you want to have fun but still keeping it “chill” for the night, at 34 NE 11th St, you will find Libertine. From Thursdays through Saturdays, this dance club knows how to bring your chicness from within. The elegant French entrance with a candle light and a chandelier can start your mood that will definitely make it last until your 5AM rager. This place is perfect for you and your friends if you want to forget about the sun and just dance all night to the genre-hopping DJ. Stay awake as long as you can at Libertine.

# 3: E11even

A dance club that is open for 24 hours. Yes, you have read it right, Elleven doesn’t close at all. Found at the 29 NE 11th St, gogo dancers still have full energy at anytime of the day because the party never stops here. Where else can you find a part cabaret, part megaclub, yet with hip-hop and R&B music? Consider it a distinctive kind of fusion. Not to mention, only at this club can you dance to your EDM track. And since this club is open all day and all night, they knew a lot of people are coming to party, they have prepared a double-decker party palace, not to mention the rooftop lounge plus a restaurant in it.

# 2: Club Space

At 34 NE 11th St you will find your final frontier. If you need a “Space” for you to transform your bad Saturday night into good, Club Space can do miracles. This club only opens once a week on Saturdays, and when it does, expect to have an all-out dance party once you’re here. Often, fans say that the best time to come to Space is during “after-hours” (starting at 5 AM all the way to 2 PM). Legendary techno DJs like Loco Dice have done marathon sets for 24 hours non-stop.

# 1: Icon
If you’re familiar with the Club Mansion, you will definitely not be surprised with this hottest dance club in the heart of Miami. Once you’re in, you will be able to join an amazing party, not to mention, good music. Found in the 1235 Washington Ave, you will find the historic 30,000 square foot property that will surely make your night groove.

Keep this list with you so you will know where and when to party.