We are living in a fast-paced world filled with thousands of responsibilities sitting on our shoulders. We’re mostly consumed by our duties at home, at work and even at school. Because of this, we forget to breathe for a little while and forget about everything.

This is why beach therapies help us a lot. The glistening sun is enough to cheer us up and reinvigorate our senses. The soft sound of the waves meeting the shore relaxes our bodies and help us realize how beautiful the world is. The vast, blue skies make us forget our worries for a while and make us wonder how small our problems are compared to the huge horizon that we are living in.

Most people even spend a huge amount of money just to build their dream vacation houses near the beach, away from the hustle and stress of the busy city. So why is this so? Why do people naturally love the beach and visit these kind of paradises for retreat and to reenergize? The following are the top physical and psychological benefits of beach therapy:

1. Stress reliever
As mentioned, the beach relaxes our senses because of the many natural sights and sounds that we may find here. Its top benefit is relieving our number one enemy: stress! Once you step foot at the beach, you can almost feel your soul getting cleansed by the rippling sound of the ocean. The combination of the warm sun and blue water is enough to relieve all the stress in your body and relaxes both your mind and soul.

2. Good night’s sleep.
Good news for the insomniacs out there, try heading out to the beach and have yourself your very own good night’s sleep. It is a proven fact that a day at the beach will allow you to have better sleep during the night because it combats the major factors that inhibits sleep namely hormonal imbalances, increased levels of anxiety and stress. Since it acts as a relaxing agent, it soothes the body physically and psychologically leading to a better sleep.

3. Daily dose of Vitamin D
Time to get your daily dose of Vitamin D! This vitamin is very essential to our bodies, however it is also difficult for our body to absorb such vitamin because it’s rarely found on food and you need a lot of it before your body actually absorbs it. Good thing, studies show that by just staying 10 minutes under the sun, the body is able to absorb the necessary amount of Vitamin D. So folks, for your daily dose of Vitamin D, you can go for a walk while appreciating the beauty of nature.

4. More chances for exercise
Surprisingly, even if you just went to the beach for some relaxation, it is also a wonderful opportunity to do your exercise. You may want to go directly in the water for a swim or even do some surfing, or you can also exercise and walk along the shore. Walking in the sand takes up more energy than normal walking does.

So there you go! What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and hit the beach for a healthier you!