Vacation Rentals Miami

Outdoor Pool Miami VacationsVacation Rentals Miami – Do you have any idea how much a hotel room in Miami on the beach cost? Oh, come on, play along, and just guess. They start at $199 and that is for the cheap rooms; I stopped looking at $350. And do you really get to learn the rhythm of the city?  Every city has a rhythm about it – which only the locals know about – the right places to go to party and have fun and feel the rhythm of the beat!  This is not the type of information a hotel concierge can give you.

There is a much better way – for example short-term rental on a furnished apartment. There are people that have gorgeous apartments on the beach but they travel all summer so they lease their apartment out through Vacation Rental Miami. This is much cheaper than hotels and you can have breakfast in bed, and candlelight dinners – not in a restaurant with several hundred people around. But best of all you get to know the neighbors – the people who live in Miami and know the rhythm of the city – where to go to dance the night away. Special places where there aren’t any tourists. These people always know where the best Mexican food is, the best cheesecake, and the perfect places to watch the sunset because they know the rhythm of the city. They are also the people who know the best-secluded beaches or where the best beach parties are. These are the things that make vacations memorable. Find your place to stay through Vacation Rental Miami.

So promise me that on your next vacation to Miami, you’ll contact Vacation Rental Miami and tell them you want a short-term lease on a furnished apartment on the beach. Vacation Rental Miami will find you just the perfect place. After about a day at the beach, you will know some great Miami people who have lived there for years and who know the rhythm of the city. It will be the best vacation you will ever have. I would love to go with you but me – I’m going to Rio; now that’s a city that has rhythm!