Ways to spend your Easter in South Florida

Ways to spend your Easter in South Florida

Easter Sunday is an important weekend that you might want to spend with your family. Most families like to spend their Easter engaging in different Easter egg hunt activities either in the comfort of their own home or participating with their local community. If you are planning to visit South Florida for your Easter activities, there are a lot of events that you can take part on so that you can have a very memorable Easter Sunday. Some of these events you can spend with your friends and some you can spend if you are out on a family weekend. So if you are in South Florida on this holiday, plan out your trips for these eggcellent Easter events!

Easter Egg Drops

Eggs, eggs and more eggs. Egg dropping will be the main kickoff of this year’s Easter celebration because before the weekend, it is going to be the annual Eggstravaganza Egg Drop Contest. Aside from catching lots of eggs that will be dropped from a 50 foot ladder, kids can also use their creativity in making their own cradles or parachutes in order to protect the eggs that they have caught. This is a good event to spend time with your kids and also bring out the creativity and artistic skill in your children.

Mega Egg Hunt in Jungle Island

There are lots of ways that you can engage in nature whenever you are in the state of Florida. You can spend the day exploring the vast Florida Everglades with your family and spend time with mother nature. Another way to spend time with nature without having to go to faraway places is to visit Jungle Island. You and your family can have a good time exploring the Jungle and participate in various Easter themed activities such as egg hunts and various rides. There will also be goodie bags that will be given to children as prizes.

Easter Egg Hunt in Zoo Miami

Easter Egg hunting is the perhaps the main theme when it comes to Easter Sunday just like Trick or Treat in Halloween. What better way to spend a good Easter egg hunt with your kids than to have it in a zoo? Zoo Miami holds an Easter egg hunt activity every year and kids that are 12 years old and younger can join this great event. The event will be complete with an Easter bunny mascot and the zoo animals can even join because they will be getting their own holiday treat as well.

Miami Seaquarium Events

Egg hunting might be the main theme when it comes to Easter but there are also other ways to enjoy the weekend and one of them is to spend a good time in Miami’s Seaquarium. Friends from the Penguin Isle will be coming over this Easter to spend time with the audience. There will also be rides and other outdoor activities such as rock climbing that will be available inside of the Seaquarium. For a more traditional Easter Sunday, easter egg hunts will also be held.