Weekend Fun in Miami

Weekend Fun in Miami

There are plenty of events that are going on this week. If you are looking to visit South Beach, there is a lot in stores for you.

The Ultracon

If you like to attend comic events but you do not want to travel up north for a comic book experience, then you’re in luck. Ultracon is officially making its move from Broward to Dade, and this weekend the event will make its debut in the 305. Ultracon, which is founded by Irving Santiago and superfan who is a GI Joe aficionado, is an event that is attended by a variety of people which include gamers, cosplayers, vendors, TV stars and is filled with a lot of sensory stimulation.

Almost 50,000 square feet of vendors selling their collectibles, plus a massive rave party, and gaming stations that will satisfy your gaming needs, sci-fi stars from the Walking Dead, creepy creations from the movie Face Off made by Omar Sfreddo and Derek Garcia, and an overwatch fashion show. In this event, you can also take photos with vehicles used by superheroes such as the Ecto 1M and the Batcraft. If cosplay is your thing, then you can enter the event along with other participants of the event. The event will also host the only sactioned cosplay wrestling and MMA fighting. The event will run the whole weekend from 10am to 6pm and the MMA fighting will be from 7 to 10pm. Tickets go from $30 and kids 10 years old or younger can go in for free. Since the Miami Airport Convention Center will be filled with fans this Saturday and Sunday, it is wise to come earlier in the morning.

College Battle

If you want to witness rap battles from right to left, this weekend you can’t miss how the University of Miami Hurricanes will zoom the Florida State Seminoles. These two teams always have their crazy endings and moments that shake the audience. Everyone has considered this as the biggest event in sports and in the field of collegiate rivalry. Who do you think will win in this competition? FSU, as they are taking the lead in the national-championship-contending squads. This time, Miami will gather its force to prove to their fans. The two teams will compete and brag their skills. Take this as part of the history in the Hard Rock Stadium in 347 Don Shula Dr., in Miami Gardens this Saturday. If you think that it’s sold-out think again, the tailgate will always be open for you.

Relive the President

Whether good or bad, Richard Nixon may be simple, yet he made a dent in the country. You may all know that he is the first president who resigned. Think of him as scheming, paranoid, and obsessed with his own legacy, but he’s part of history. Relive him this Sunday night at exactly eight o’clock. The show runs until October 9 at the Sandbox, Miami Theater Center. You only need $30 to witness the former president.

Weekends are never boring when you’re in Miami. Start packing and mark your calendar as you visit the city.